BMW Cleaning Suit Is Peak German Humor For April Fools’ Day


It’s safe to say BMW holds the unofficial record for the best April Fools’ Day joke from an automaker with the M3 Pickup from 2011. This year’s gag sadly doesn’t have a one-off M truck, but nevertheless, it did put a smile on our faces. Meet “The BMW Cleaning Suit,” which is predictably only available on April 1. An i5 eDrive40 owner arrives at a parking lot, only to have his EV “attacked” by a fuzzy human.

If automatic car washes are taking away jobs, BMW wants to make things right by hiring someone to do manual labor enthusiastically. The person is covered in white and blue brushes as a nod to the iconic roundel and the colors of Bavaria where BMW calls home. The car’s owner seems to be a bit confused at first but then gets in the mood and even starts taking pictures with the odd individual.

The unusual worker covered in wash rollers seems to be doing a good job, albeit the electric sedan was already spotless to begin with. BMW offers some weird accessories like M-branded door pins and tow straps but it’s unlikely to go as far as coming out with this so-called cleaning suit. This is German humor at its finest, although another high-performance pickup would’ve been way better.

Speaking of trucks, BMW created the “Pi7ck Up Adventure Glamping Expedition Version” for last year’s April Fools’ Day as a large electric pickup based on the i7 sedan. In 2021, an official video made the social media rounds, announcing the company would start shipping cars without turn signals because drivers don’t use them anyway. In case you haven’t seen it, we’ve attached it below.