This Limited Time Offering joins the Canadian Whisky Brand’s flavor portfolio alongside Regal Apple, Peach, Salted Caramel, and Vanilla Just In Time for Spring

NEW YORK, March 13, 2024 — Canadian whisky brand and leader in flavored offerings, Crown Royal, has officially announced its highly anticipated limited edition release of Blackberry Flavored Whisky.

This new liquid is the perfect addition to the brand’s flavor portfolio for spring and summer and has already taken social media by storm with  consumers +21 sharing their love for the new flavor and exploring their own cocktail innovations.

Royal Blackberry Lemonade featuring Crown Royal Blackberry Flavored Whisky
Royal Blackberry Lemonade featuring Crown Royal Blackberry Flavored Whisky

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To create this extraordinary blend, Crown Royal whiskies were carefully selected by the brand’s master blender and infused with the juicy flavor of fresh blackberries. The harmonious notes of this summer fruit complement the signature richness of Crown Royal Blended Whisky. The result is a vibrantly delicious whisky, bursting with the luscious flavor of blackberry and the distinctive smoothness of Crown Royal.

On the nose, aromas of sweet blackberry sauce with a dash of whisky complement vanilla balanced with a cooked and slightly tart blackberry taste. This expression leaves you with hints of creamy vanilla and caramel, reminiscent of a blackberry crumble.

“Crown Royal has always led through an innovative approach to whisky, pushing boundaries to deliver exceptional and exciting flavor profiles to consumers. Our newest addition, Crown Royal Blackberry Flavored Whisky, is no exception to this rule.” says Jesse Damashek, Sr. Vice President North American Whiskeys at Diageo. “This new whisky is a testament to our dedication to innovation, as we aim to cater to the evolving preferences of loyal Crown drinkers and spirit connoisseurs alike. I am thrilled to see the enthusiasm and excitement from consumers as they embrace this delicious addition to our lineup.”

Crown Royal Blackberry Flavored Whisky stands out as a versatile blend, showcasing its adaptability across various hosting occasions. The brand emphasizes this versatility through its four recommended cocktails – Royal Blackberry Lemonade, their signature serve that perfectly balances the sweetness of blackberries with a burst of lemon, Crown Royal Blackberry Bramble, Crown Blackberry Collins, and a Royal Blackberry Mojito. Each of these serves is a modern take on classic cocktails, illustrating the whisky’s ability to reinterpret familiar favorites . Whether it’s a lively country outdoor gathering that calls for a Crown Royal Blackberry Bramble or a laid-back summer pool-party soiree fit for a cold Crown Blackberry Collins, Blackberry Flavored Whisky ensures a diverse range of juicy flavors to suit every hosting need.

With Royal Blackberry Lemonade already becoming the drink of the summer, this one-time limited offering is rolling out nationwide with a suggested retail value of $26.99.

Crown Royal invites everyone 21+ to a flavor-filled journey this summer. Please remember to drink responsibly.