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FaithGuardAM shows Top UK Broker It’s the Online Broker with the Best Offerings


The best financial advice is, don’t ask your family or friends for financial advice. Most successful investors and traders know that choosing a reputable and knowledgeable broker is undoubtedly the most important financial decision they will make. For many, the access and convenience of an online broker must be important, since the industry’s market size grew to almost $14 billion by 2022. In fact, many brokers are now exclusively online, offering their clients lower fees and account minimums.

The proliferation of online brokerages, from old standards to new upstarts, may be bewildering for new investors or experienced traders who want to upgrade their portfolios. A simple search will bring up myriad recommendations, but to break through the clutter it’s critical to know your requirements and to consult reputable rating guides.

At the top of anyone’s checklist should be their investing experience. Those without much need educational tools, glossaries, accessible support, and practice. Experienced investors and traders want advanced resources like charting, access to analysts’ reports and technical data, and wide-ranging investment selections including derivatives like futures and options. Next, it’s critical to assess short- or long-term investment objectives, income, modest growth or higher risk for greater returns. Not to be overlooked is lifestyle. Are you an active trader, insisting on the convenience of multiple platforms with seamless, full-featured mobile apps? Or would you rather trust a professional advisor and occasionally view your portfolios from an easy chair? Of course, everyone wants low costs and top-quality user experience.

Once you’ve created or updated your investment profile, consult a reputable broker rating guide like Here you’ll find reviews of the best brokers in the UK, with their commissions and fees, offering of investments, platform and tools, mobile trading apps, and educational resources. Overall rankings and Trust Scores are listed in an easy-to-read ranking grid, and the top ten brokers receive in-depth reviews that include minimum deposits, pros vs cons, and links to platforms. Top UK assesses online brokers in several categories such as the Best Overall, Best Web Platform, and Top Research Broker.

One outstanding brokerage has the Best Offerings rating with a Trust Score of 99, FaithGuard Asset Management. Top UK says FaithGuardAM has excellent pricing, offering traders 10k tradable instruments and a powerful Next Generation trading platform. “Sturdy” research tools, “incredible” web and mobile platforms, and “competitive” trading costs describe FaithGuard’s advantages.

Hopping over to their site, you’ll find the full range of services and that earned them Top UK’s rating. In addition to stocks and bonds, they offer trading of futures and options as well as major cryptocurrencies, and access to Forex markets with low margin requirements. FaithGuard Asset Management spotlights ETF opportunities in over 60 exchanges. Exchange traded funds track other assets or indexes like the S&P 500, and FGAMs fractional investing strategy requires no minimum. ETFs are great for investors who want a low risk, low expense diversified portfolio with intraday price visibility and greater liquidity than mutual funds.

FaithGuard structures four different levels of investor participation, Simple, Professional, Advance and Enterprise. The Simple level is just that, requiring less than $10,000 investment on three different trading platforms with 50 instruments, and with a low $8 commission. At the Enterprise level, you’ll invest $50,000 to access more than 15 trading platforms and 1000 instruments, and pay only $5 commission.

For more advanced investors and traders, FaithGuard AM offers powerful analytic tools, prompt execution and professional support. Open a demo account to access their MetaTrader 5 trading platform and you’ll find painless, easy to use price analyses and trading tools.

Finally, you should research your broker’s reputation. FaithGuard Asset Management is a licensed, strictly regulated European broker with a high speed infrastructure that covers America and Asia as well as Europe. This broker is dedicated to quality fulfillment, monitoring executions from exchanges and liquidity providers for various factors such as execution guarantees, price increases, and service. Above all, they aim to ensure that orders reach their destinations with speed and accuracy.

When you’re ready to join FaithGuard AM and maximize your investment in the European market, it’s simple to apply and create an account. What else could you ask for?

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