Little Nicky 2

Is Little Nicky 2 Releasing on Netflix Soon? Adam Sandler Sequel Speculation Explained


Little Nicky 2 Netflix Speculation Explained

The film would seemingly have Adam Sandler returning to his role as Nicky, the son of Harvey Keitel’s Satan.

Going under the title Little Nicky: Hell Takes a Vacation, Sandler is seen donning a long red robe and pajama pants with a smirk on his face in front of the New York City skyline.

He has his dog, Beefy, from the 2000 film next to him as horns pop out from his head and fire burns beneath him.

The poster, which can be seen below, teases a release on Netflix in May 2024:

Adam Sandler sitting on a bench next to a dog reading a book in Little Nicky 2 poster, May 2024, Netflix

The poster can easily be debunked as fake, as it uses the same background and format as the original film’s poster with an updated New York skyline. 

The image of Sandler’s face is copied directly from the first Little Nicky poster with a new outfit on his body, and the horns coming out of his hair are very clearly drawn on the image through Photoshop.

Additionally, there are no confirmed or rumored plans for Little Nicky to get a sequel.

Only three of Adam Sandler’s movies have ever gotten sequels, those being Grown UpsHotel Transylvania, and Murder Mystery.

Neither Sandler, his castmates, nor the production team behind Little Nicky have publicly discussed developing a sequel, indicating there is just about no chance the sequel will happen.

Little Nicky is available to stream for free on Tubi, and it can be rented or purchased through various other online marketplaces.