Ukrainian Drone Reportedly Sets Fire To Oil Depot In Russia As Kyiv Reports Russian Strikes


The governor of Russia’s southwestern Kursk region has said that one person had been killed as a result of Ukrainian shelling and a fire broke out at a local oil depot due to a Ukrainian drone strike.

“As a result of a direct hit from a shell, a residential building caught fire and a local woman died,” Governor Roman Starovoit wrote on Telegram on March 10.

“Her husband had extensive burns and is now receiving qualified medical care.”

Starovoit later wrote that a “Ukrainian drone fell and caught fire on the grounds of the oil depot” and that fire and emergency services were at the scene.”

The SHOT Telegram channel reported that the drone had damaged a 3,000-ton capacity tank at the oil terminal but suggested the tank was empty when it was struck.

Last week, Starovoit claimed a gasoline-storage depot had been set alight by a Ukrainian drone. And in February it was reported that a large fire at an oil depot near Kursk was caused by a Ukrainian drone.

The governor of the Belgorod region announced shortly after reports of the oil-depot fire in the neighboring Kursk region emerged on March 10 that his region had come under attack by two Ukrainian drones.

Vyacheslav Gladkov said the strikes had set fire to a vehicle but no injuries were reported.

In a separate Telegram post on March 10, Gladkov said Ukrainian forces had heavily targeted the Belgorod region — including with mortar rounds and drone strikes — over the previous 24 hours.

The Russian Defense Ministry said two drones had been shot down over the Belgorod region but did not report any drone attack in the Kursk region.

The Ukrainian military did not comment on the claims of drone attacks against Russian territory.

Ukraine’s air force, meanwhile, said on March 10 that its air-defense systems had destroyed 35 of 39 drones it said were launched against Ukraine overnight.

Most of the drones were destroyed over Ukraine’s eastern and southern regions, the air force said.

Missile strikes in Ukraine’s eastern Kharkiv and Donetsk regions were also reported, resulting in one death and 11 injuries.

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