2024 BMW M2 Showcased in Brooklyn Grey


This new-generation of BMW M2 is going to be an exciting car to drive. With big power, M3-derived suspension bits, and a manual transmission option, the M2 is likely going to be a riot. However, it does lack something other M cars have—color options. the G87 BMW M2 lacks the vibrant colors of its siblings, so this Brooklyn Grey you see in this photo gallery is likely going to be among the most popular colors you see in the wild.

There are only two non-monochromatic colors in the M2 portfolio—Zandvoort Blue and Toronto Red. The latter of which we’ve seen on several other M cars but the former is all new. However, Zandvoort Blue is a pale sort of color that is going to be a bit love-it-or-hate-it. Making matters worse, in addition to those two colors, there are only three other monochromatic choices: Black Sapphire Metallic, Alpine White, and Brooklyn Grey. Considering I can’t throw a stone in a random direction without hitting a grey vehicle in America, there’s a good chance that the latter color is the best seller.

2024 bmw m2 sapphire black 07 830x553
Photo by @biliaemond

It’s also the least offensive. Red or Zanvoort Blue draw more attention, black looks a bit to aggressive, and white is too boring. So it seems likely that customers will opt for Brooklen Grey above most others. Thankfully, it looks pretty good in these new photos.

One specific car in this gallery has M Performance parts equipped and killer gold wheels. I’m not entirely sold on gold wheels on a grey car but both look good individually here. There’s also one with black wheels, which is more typical of modern sports car design. What would have been better is if one of the cars was painted in Toronto Red with gold wheels, now that’s a killer combo.

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