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Emirates wishes ‘Eid Mubarak’ to all, celebrating Eid al Fitr onboard and in lounges


Dubai, UAE, Marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan, Eid al Fitr is expected to begin on 20 – 21 April, and Emirates will mark the occasion with an array of regional flavours onboard, traditional Eid dishes in the lounges, and new Arabic movies and content on ice.

From the 21 – 24 April, Economy passengers departing Dubai will be treated to the flavoursome favourites of Eid including chicken mandi in traditional spices, served with rice and crunchy fried onions, fish harra– a baked dory with spiced tomato sauce, accompanied by ghee rice and roasted pistachios, braised lamb with jameed, served with rice, roasted cashew nuts and almonds, or a seafood machbouse marinated in a myriad of Middle Eastern spices. Passengers travelling in Premium Economy, Business and First Class will enjoy dishes like fish matfy, a Middle Eastern-style fish in tomato sauce served with basmati rice, or a marinated chicken tahta with Emirati spices, served with dill rice, roasted potatoes, aubergine and carrots, a roasted beef madfoon in classic spices with vegetables, served with aromatic rice, or a tender Gulf-style braised lamb with vegetables and fragrant basmati rice.       

Emirates fly


Sometimes known as the ‘sweet Eid’, Eid al Fitr is renowned for its sugary delights savoured after a month of fasting, and Emirates will be offering passengers plenty of delicious desserts, such as warm date pudding garnished with fresh berries, dates and pistachios in First Class, a fluffy vanilla sponge cake with white chocolate and hibiscus cream in Business and Premium Economy Class, and Batheetha – a sumptuous saffron date crumble, or a sweet pumpkin Asseda, topped with roasted cashew nuts in Economy Class. In the onboard A380 lounge, there will be a selection of Emirati pastries to relish, or passengers can help themselves to a decadent slice of Arabic coffee cake adorned with fresh berries, dates, and pistachios. All passengers will also receive an additional mini treat of ashta sfouf with their meal wishing them ‘Eid Mubarak,’ – a sweet turmeric and sesame cake with cream.

In Dubai’s airport lounges on the 21 April, First Class passengers can explore a wide selection of lounge fare which will include Arabic coffee, jallab and kamarruddin juice, hot and cold Arabic mezzeh, lamb ouzi or Emirati ouzi served with dakous and coriander mint raita, followed by all-time favourite kunafa with pistachio and baklava ice-cream. Passengers relaxing in the First Class lounge will also be invited to try Eid mocktail creations like the ‘Sumacgroni’, combining red grapes, orange juice, bitter syrup, sumac powder, and Zaatar leaves, or the ‘Coco Sahlab’ – a combination of coconut cream, almond and agave syrup with a sprinkle of pistachio powder.

In the Business Class lounges of Dubai there will be classic shish taouk with harissa red pepper dip, alongside more Eid mocktails such as the ‘Rumman Cooler’ – a refreshing beverage combining rose and vanilla flavoured Ceylon tea, grenadine and date syrup, or the ‘Mint Blossom’, a mix of green apple and lemon juice, agave and mint leaves. Both lounges will have tempting desserts available throughout the day like mafroukeh pistachio, katayef walnut, asifiri ashta, baklawa pistachio finger, sweet cashew kol w shkor, or passengers can take a stroll to the Emirates old-fashioned ice cream cart in the lounge to enjoy homemade Baklava and Arabic coffee ice cream, specially made for Eid celebrations.

A variety of content will be available on the award-winning ice inflight entertainment for those travelling over Eid al Fitr, including more than 100 Arabic films, including new releases – Mako, Banat Abdul Rahman, Kharouf Al Eid and more, 30 channels of Arabic TV series, 16 channels of Arabic podcasts and audiobooks, The Holy Qur’an, and more than 500 channels of Arabic music including pop, classics, Khaleeji, Maghrebi and Arabic fusion.

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