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Dynamic, iconic, aesthetic: The new eyeglasses and sunglasses from Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-AMG and ic! berlin

  • Continuation of the cooperation, started in 2020, between Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-AMG and ic! berlin
  • The new collection is inspired by the lines, the unmistakable style and the colour world of the vehicles
  • The different models are characterised by a high level of wearing comfort and a filigree design language

The new Mercedes-Benz eyeglasses focus on the interplay of subtle colours and dynamic, iconic shapes; they are inspired both by classic vehicles and the organically flowing lines of new models. The sunglasses combine classic clarity with a touch of the seventies, creating an everlasting, timeless edition. The eyeglasses in the AMG Collection are characterised by an expressive, sporty design and cite both the AMG colour world and the dynamic lines of the vehicles. All frames are handmade at the company’s own factory in Berlin.

The new Mercedes-Benz Collection: interplay of subtle colours and dynamic shapes

Striking, elegant and casual at the same time: The two new Mercedes-Benz frames for eyeglasses and the two new sunglasses are based on the design language and aesthetics of Mercedes-Benz. The powerful flowing contours of the correction models reflect the design of the EQS Saloon in particular. Wearers make a statement with the two sunglasses: Angular elements and flowing structures form a special contrast here.

The following models are available to choose from:

MB 11: distinctive classic

The MB 11 model is a new interpretation of the classic Navigator glasses – with a double bridge, of course. A special feature of the model inspired by the lines of the EQS is the new temple design: the temple element rotated by 90° as well as the only 3mm high spring element, on which the Mercedes-Benz logo has been engraved. The MB11 model is available in the colours Black/Rosé Gold, Shiny Graphite/Black, Pearl/Gun Metal and Gun Metal/Shiny Graphite.

sunglasses from Mercedes-Benz

MB 12: timeless sense of style

Panto glasses are iconic: The glasses, which are round at the bottom and oval at the top, first appeared in the 1920s; today they distinguish their wearers as connoisseurs of good taste with a timeless sense of style. Inspired by these classics are the soft shapes of this distinctly harmonious model for women and men. It is available in the colours Black/Rosé Gold, Shiny Graphite, Electric Powder Blue and Bronze.

MB 16: avant-garde progressive

Those who like it flashy have found the right model in the MB 16. The sunglasses with their sporty, progressive look enable trendsetters to show off their style perfectly. The glasses are available in the colours Black, Aubergine and Gun Metal.

MB Shield 03: striking statement

An absolute statement piece is the MB Shield 03, a continuation of the previous two Shield models. The target group for these expressive mono-lens glasses are self-confident people who love to make a grand entrance. The glasses are available in the colours Black, Aubergine and Electric Light Blue.

The new AMG Collection: sporty and expressive

The motorsport affinity of this collection is unmistakably evident in the two frames respectively for eyeglasses and sunglasses. They reflect the AMG colour world as well as the dynamic lines of the models and their expressive, sporty design.

The following models are available to choose from:

AMG 08: dynamic design

The sporty frame for eyeglasses of the AMG 08 impresses with its Navigator shape, double bridge and bright colour accents on the upper bridge. It is available in the colours Gun Metal/Yellow, Black/Venice and Aubergine/Orange.

AMG 09: powerful design language

With the AMG 09, the designers are continuing the success story of the AMG 03 and AMG 04. The expressive shape of the frame for prescription eyeglasses with a bold, coloured detail on the upper edge of the lens is a successful addition to the AMG family. Available in the colours Gun Metal/Yellow, Black/Venice and Aubergine/Orange.

AMG 10: contrasting accents

Like the previous AMG 07 model, these sunglasses skilfully play with volume and colour contrasts of the flexible stainless steel and the three-dimensionally milled acetate – especially in the Ecoorange/Black colour combination. The AMG 10 is also available in the combinations Ecoblack/Graphite and Ecogrey/Aubergine.

AMG 11: sporty and distinctive

The AMG 11 was modelled on the AMG 02 and AMG 05 models. Expressiveness and a clear design language also characterise these sunglasses. A special highlight is the colour accent above the upper bridge. The model is available in the colours Gun Metal/Acid Yellow, Black/Venice and Aubergine/AMG Orange.

All models are available from authorised ic! berlin opticians.

About ic! berlin

The eyewear manufacturer ic! berlin was founded in 1996 in Berlin and makes innovative eyeglasses by hand in Germany, in line with the company’s philosophy: “Style. Made in Germany.” ic! berlin models are extremely light, flexible and are characterised in particular by a worldwide unique, screwless hinge solution. Nowadays eyewear from ic! berlin is sold in more than 60 countries around the world. The company is based in Berlin and currently employs more than 150 people.

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