Georgia’s Dream Dental & Aesthetic Group To Develop Dental Tourism In 2020

Dream Dental and Aesthetic Group plans to roll out its dental tourism development plans this year and offer high-quality dental services, including both oral hygiene and aesthetic procedures, not only to local residents but also to foreigners.


Dream Dental and Aesthetic Group plans to roll out its dental tourism development plans this year and offer high-quality dental services, including both oral hygiene and aesthetic procedures, not only to local residents but also to foreigners.

 “Dental treatment can be very expensive for many, however with dental tourism in Georgia, you can get proper care in our clinic, save money and return home with a happy smile. Europe and the Middle East is our target for dental tourism. Our dental service will be complete, and will not only include dental care, but also the full package: starting with meetings at the airport, booking/accommodation at the hotel and whatever services the client requires”, said David Motsikulashvili, founder of Dream Dental and Aesthetic Group.

 He added that the clinic will invite dentists from abroad and organize master-classes as well as web conferences in Georgia.

 “All this will be done not only for our clinic, but also for all dentists working in Georgia, in order to further improve their qualification”, he said.

 Dream Dental and Aesthetic Group has an offer for domestic customers as well. The clinic plans to offer special discounts for socially vulnerable people such as retirees, war veterans, the military, their family members, students and teachers.

 “The clinic also plans to introduce different forms of instalment plans, including with several partner companies. Currently we are cooperating with TBC Insurance, PSP Insurance, Imedi L, Ardi, Euroins, Benefits and Cartu Insurance. We are considering adding several new serious insurance companies to this list. We are trying to create an affordable environment for our citizens who are in a difficult economic position and cannot afford to get quality dental care and aesthetic services”, Motsikulashvili said.

 Dream Dental and Aesthetic Group has been operating on the Georgian market since 2013.

 Initially, the clinic started operations with just three dental offices, but due to the increased number of the patients and growing demand on the clinic’s services, the management decided to further expand and added seven more rooms.

 Today Dream Dental and Aesthetic Group offers dentistry, allergy tests, laser hair removal, cosmetology, manicure, pedicure, massage. There is a separate room for children, which is called ‘Dream Land’ where younger clients also receive high quality dental service.

 In order to provide maximum comfort for customers, Dream Dental and Aesthetic Group introduced a 24/7 working regime in 2015.

 The clinic serves thousands of patients every year. The number of patients visiting Dream Dental and Aesthetic Group has increased by 40 percent and reached 8,400 in 2019 compared to 2018. As for the age group, the average age of Georgian patients is about 25-40 years of age, while for foreign patients it is 45-55.

 “We have had patients from many countries: the US, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Eastern European countries, Japan, Korea, China, Australia, South and Central American countries, almost from every Arab state and from all neighboring countries”, he said.

Today, the clinic offers a full range of dental and aesthetic services. Are you planning to introduce new services in the future?

First of all I want to highlight that our clinic follows global trends in the field of dental and aesthetic medicine and has modern, innovative technologies to offer these services at the highest quality in our country.

As for aesthetic medicine, our focus is to find more and more unique and high-quality services and introduce them at our clinic.

In dental care, the most demanded service is tooth extraction followed by teeth cleaning and whitening procedures, restorations, veneers, orthopedic services and implants. In terms of aesthetic services, fillers and laser hair removal are the most popular services.

You have mentioned modern technologies and innovations. What kind of modern and innovative technologies have been introduced by your clinic?

All modern approaches, materials and equipment that exists in the field of dental and aesthetic medicine in the world are also available at our clinic. For example, so-called dental endo motors, oral cameras, lasers, etc.

Also noteworthy is our room for younger clients, where children are in a completely different world: they can even watch cartoons during dental procedures. After the treatment, we award the children with different certificates and surprises.

This year the world is facing the challenge of COVID-19 that has hindered the activities of almost every company in the world and in Georgia as well. What impact has coronavirus had on your clinic and how has the clinic continued operations?

The year 2020 started very positively, but the pandemic has affected us, of course. We have taken special disinfection and hygiene measures in the clinic so we do not leave any chance of the virus hindering our activities.

Because of the pandemic, all planned dental procedures and a full range of aesthetic services have been cancelled. Because of this, the clinic switched to working in an emergency regime.

The regulations have caused an increase in prices. Now the main challenge is to set appropriate prices for the products we offer and the materials we use and try not to increase the price of our services. Besides, the clinic has extra expenses because it has to meet all the medical guidelines that are necessary to avoid the spread of the coronavirus. But despite all these challenges we manage to assist other people who really need our help.

Despite all the challenges we face, we have decided to help socially vulnerable people who now are in very difficult social situations. Every Thursday we help at least eight people with basic food supplies and offer them free dental service. We are continuing this assistance for the next two months. It is nice to see that not only the staff of our clinic, but also our friends have got involved in our social campaign. We are very thankful for that.

Congratulations on winning the Golden Brand award. In your opinion why did experts name Dream Dental and Aesthetic Group as their favorite brand?

Our formula for success is: success = hard work times professional doctors and sterilization times our dedication. Plus, I’d like to point out the huge contribution of my wife, Mrs. Nino Toidze, who is the director of the clinic. Both of us, together with our team members, we all strongly believe that doing our best is the main indispensable condition to achieve serious goals!

In our case, the main goal is to make our patients happy with experience received in the “Dream”. A patient is, first of all, our guest. Therefore, we not only providing highly qualified dental / aesthetic services, but also to creating psychological comfort, a warm, smiling environment. We have the same approach on social media. We have very friendly and personable communication with our followers.

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