Renox Color Opening New Factory To Supply Market With Glue Cement Modifiers


Renox Color, a Georgian brand of varnishes for buildings, plans to open a new factory that will supply the construction and retail market of Georgia with a variety of glue cement modifiers.

“In our opinion, this product will bring us even closer to target categories. In addition, we are thinking of modifying the production line for our waterproof and anti-corrosion products and bringing them closer to their European equivalents”, said Levan Metreveli, Marketing Director of LLC Technochimia, which owns Renox Color.

Metreveli said that the company has plans to expand in Georgia.

“Currently, we have two locations, a flexible distribution and delivery service across Georgia”, he said.

He noted that the market in Georgia is growing and dynamic.

“Demand is increasing not only for these products but for professionalism as well. One of the challenges is to have a professional, qualified staff”, Metreveli said.

Metreveli willingly answered a couple of our questions and told us more about the history of Renox Color and summarized the past 30 years of the activities of the company on the Georgian market.

Could you please briefly tell us the history of Renox Color?

The history of the company starts in the 1990s and its main activity is the production, import and export of varnishes and related products. Our company has significantly contributed to the development of the field within the last 30 years.

The development of the construction sector, the retail and wholesale market has shown that there were prospects for creating a company like Technochimia, which unites several brands including Renox Color.

In order to develop local manufacturing, we cooperate with Russian and European leading brands. Very soon, the trademark of Renox became famous and in-demand.

The company represented itself on the market with a variety of products that were quite impressive for the construction sector from the very beginning. But Renox Aquablock, a high cover surface sealer with exceptional water-resistant properties, has made a particular impression on the market as it has no equivalent so far. Renox Aquablock covers, seals and leaves a paintable water-resistant coating on all surfaces prior to top coating with water-based acrylic paints.

In order to meet the interests and demands of construction organizations, our company started importing the latest Canadian equipment of Color Mix NCS in 2016, which is a natural color mixing machine. As a result, the prices of the coloring of waterproof varnishes have been reduced significantly.

The company pays great attention to the development of the wholesale market, and to distribution and management. Our motto, ‘Decent is available!’ clearly expresses our views on business development. Producing high-quality products, making them competitive, developing professionally and developing the field – these are the goals that we have been implementing gradually in order to improve the environment.

Since 2017, the main priority of the company has been to promote the development of the scientific component of the field, increase healthy competition, and conquer the export market with locally-produced chemicals.

Which are the most demanded products of Renox Color on the local market?

I would single out waterproof, anti-corrosion, and silicone-containing coatings. These products are sales leaders.

Actually, we are planning to increase the array of our products and also to modify and improve the existing ones. We are trying to introduce more novelties to the market.

As of today, we sell about 40-50 sorts of products, including 12 different varieties of water emulsions.

How affordable are Renox Color products and in your opinion, are customers more concerned by price or quality?

I think it is the case that customers pay more attention to the quality of the product, its chemical composition, ecological physical properties, as well as its design. In short, everything that makes the product better.

Only after that comes price, which believe me, is far lower than the quality you receive.

How does Renox Color compete with other brands on the market?

The more companies operate on the market, the better for the country and of course for us. You know that competition encourages companies to achieve better goals. A competitive environment creates strong, goal-oriented, and result-oriented companies.

What is the contribution of Renox Color to the Georgian market?

Over the last few years, there has been an unprecedented boom in the construction and repair business. Of course Renox Color has contributed greatly to this process. Starting from the 1990s we have always tried to introduce new products and make them affordable for our customers.

Renox Color has been following the scientific and technological innovations of different countries and introducing the same innovations in Georgia. Thus Renox Color is a brand that we can easily say has contributed significantly to the development of the field.

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