Hannover Messe: When milliseconds count – Edge computing from T-Systems and AWS

T-Systems and AWS are combining their expertise in telecommunications, cloud computing and digital solutions to deliver high-performance, cloud-based edge computing services.


While AWS provides on-premises and edge compute services, including AWS Outposts, T-Systems contributes its full range of edge solutions and services, as well as E2E integration.

Companies in all market segments, as well as public institutions, can benefit from extending the AWS cloud to mobile edge computing environments. It is especially helpful where residency or privacy constraints mean data must stay on premises or whenever strict latency, a connection to onsite equipment and sheer volume of data require mobile edge solutions.

The full Campus Edge Framework will be introduced at the up-coming Hannover Messe. It combines performant network solutions such as 5G, edge computing services like AWS Outposts, which deliver AWS infrastructure and services to where customers need it, and a rich ecosystem of digital services and solutions. 

T-Systems advises clients through the development of a digital campus strategy. This includes the steering of potential analysis projects which support decision making. The IT-service provider also helps offer setup and integration with existing systems, as well as the operation of edge and solution infrastructure from a single source. “For customers that need low-latency access to cloud services for fast data analysis, edge computing is the ideal solution,” said Stephan Salmann, responsible for T-Systems’ campus-edge initiative.

“That could be the real-time detection of anomalies in production using a combination of sensors and computer vision, untethered medical equipment for agile setups or real-time diagnostics over 5G networks that require latencies in the ultra-low millisecond range or even the real-time processing of manifests, luggage, and container processing automation at ports and airports”. 

There are many scenarios where clients are looking for digital solutions. For example complex maintenance: 5G and edge computing allow the use of lightweight AR glasses. These allow untrained staff to do maintenance work,  aided remotely by experts or artificial intelligence. Another use case is inspection and security fencing: Drones embedded into a computer vision framework help to secure the perimeter of a client’s premises.

Fully managed infrastructure

The Campus Edge Framework represents an ecosystem based on AWS cloud services extended to edge environments and provides customers with the complete portfolio of AWS Outposts, 5G/LTE campus networks from Deutsche Telekom, digital solutions, consulting, maintenance, intergration with third-party party networks and services, as well as additional security solutions.

More than 3,000 T-Systems experts have engaged in thousands of projects over the past 15 years; connecting cloud and onsite IT architecture with state-of-the-art technologies, supporting strategy and driving design, implementation and operations. They can tailor solutions to different industries. T Systems orchestrates and integrates all edge computing components and, if desired, relieves clients of administration, maintenance and contract management, allowing the customer to benefit fully from the flexibility of their architecture – all with the comfort of a single E2E service provider. 

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