Corona Validation Service: Access only with a genuine certificate


Reliable access management is a prerequisite for companies in pandemic times in order to comply with the legal requirements for protecting the health of staff and customers. Whether it’s access to business premises, factory halls, aircraft, trams, hotels and restaurants or events, companies need to be able to quickly and easily check the authenticity of the digital Covid certificates of customers, visitors and employees. The Corona Validation Service from T-Systems provides a solution here: secure, fast and GDPR-compliant, the solution checks the digital Covid health certificates in real time without any additional costs in time, logistics or staffing.

As the first and only B2B solution, the Corona Validation Service has an interface to the German federal government’s Corona Warn App (CWA). The CWA was developed jointly by SAP and Deutsche Telekom and now has more than 37 million downloads. The interaction of CWA and Corona Validation Service makes it possible to check the authenticity of certificates without additional software or apps.

Fast integration into existing processes

The Corona Validation Service can be integrated into a company’s existing access, booking and check-in processes within a very short time. In the background, the solution checks the validity of the vaccination, recovery or test certificates of employees or customers and documents the check automatically. The certificates themselves remain as medical data on the mobile devices of their owners in the Corona Warn App. The certificates are not stored in the system at any time. Only app users who can present a valid certificate are granted access to factory premises or can complete ticket booking processes. With the solution, companies can easily comply with legal requirements and focus on their core business. Companies are therefore spared from manual access controls or time-consuming documentation of the vaccination, recovery or test certificates. The service is available in Germany and other European countries.

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“A further degree of security”

As one of the first customers, Jannusch Frontzek, Managing Director of Ticket i/O GmbH, gives a positive appraisal: “With the development of Covid validation, we are creating a new level of security together with T-Systems, which is currently unique. The combination of ticketing and vaccine certificate validation represents a new milestone in terms of the event industry, from which ticket buyers and event organisers alike will benefit enormously.”

“Following the Corona Warn App, we have developed a solution with the Corona Validation Service that enables companies to quickly and easily implement the legal requirements for pandemic control. This service provides a further degree of security for companies as well as for their customers and employees,” says T-Systems CEO Adel Al-Saleh.

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