IKEA and Sabine Marcelis

IKEA and Sabine Marcelis launch the VARMBLIXT collection exploring sculptural design and light


IKEA and Rotterdam-based designer Sabine Marcelis launch the VARMBLIXT collection which highlights sculptural lighting objects, unique serve ware, vibrant rugs and more. The 20-product collection which is designed to interact with both direct and indirect light, will sales start this February.

The VARMBLIXT collection marks the beginning of the IKEA journey to strengthen people’s curiosity connected to lighting in the home. As part of a long-term goal, IKEA is looking to encourage a shift in the perception of lighting as simply functional to lighting as emotional. It is designed to inspire a new interest in how light can transform the look, feel and atmosphere of our homes.

There are four lighting items in the VARMBLIXT collection which will be kept long-term in the IKEA range. The lights which are inspired by Sabine’s creative ability to play with unique shapes and objects are a design focal point of the collection. The lighting highlights include the VARMBLIXT LED pendant lamp, which features curved pipes made from frosted white glass, and the VARMBLIXT LED wall mirror designed with a semi-transparent glass panel and light strip. Both products are a stunning sculptural object when turned off, and when illuminated, it transforms into a magical display of light engineering.

“I wanted to take an unexpected approach to exploring the idea of how lighting functions within the home and to inspire people to consider new shapes and elements which blend into and highlight different types of interior spaces in a new, bold, and artistic ways”, says Sabine Marcelis

The collection also explores a signature motif seen in Sabine’s work: the perfectly infinite doughnut. The very first series of design objects inspired by the infinite doughnut shape will be available in two serve ware sizes and one signature lamp. Marrying the vision of art and design, the VARMBLIXT LED lamp, in its curved style, is enhanced when it catches the light and is a versatile item as it can be wall mounted or displayed on a table.

“When the light passes through the orange glass, it makes the soft doughnut-like shape shine with a warm glow”, says Sabine Marcelis. “It’s a magical sight that catches the eye – regardless of if it’s on a table or hanging on a wall”, she adds.

The collection which also focuses on an inherently warm colour pallet has two rugs inspired by the rays of a sunset. The larger rug, which is made from 100% hand-tufted wool, has a warm colour gradient. It softly fades from deep orange to amber yellow like a sunset, while its overlapping style adds extra design interest, creating an illusion of depth and colour.

“Our vision was to continue building off the idea of blending design with sculptural objects in the creation of VARMBLIXT. It’s a collaboration connected to the functional aesthetics of our space while inspiring people to add purposeful and versatile objects to the home”, says Henrik Most, Creative Leader at IKEA.  

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