MagentaTV and TVnow launch joint advertising campaign

Major cooperation campaign between Deutsche Telekom and RTL Mediengruppe


■ Fahri Yardim, Frederick Lau, and Jan Köppen promote MagentaTV and TVNOW
■ Deutsche Telekom message: The best TV in Germany: MagentaTV

The new advertising campaign is being launched today that Deutsche Telekom hopes will help secure new customers for Magenta TV. “The best TV in Germany, MagentaTV, is now even more compelling,” says Christian Loefert, the person in charge of the campaign at Telekom Deutschland. “To coincide with the long winter nights, we’ve expanded our TV experience. Customers now have access to TVNOW originals and 14 TV livestream channels. including highlights from RTL and VOX on-demand – often seven days before broadcast.”

Two weeks ago, Deutsche Telekom and RTL announced their extended partnership. They will also cooperate with streaming in future. TVNOW Premium, the streaming service from Mediengruppe RTL, is now included in the MagentaTV Smart and Smart Flex plans at no extra cost. 

A media highlight kicked off the collaboration: In the “Täglich frisch geröstet” studio, the partners produced a three-minute ad from part of a show featuring Fahri Yardim and Jan Köppen. The ad was run simultaneously across all the RTL Group channels the same evening.

The content and media usage of the TVNOW and MagentaTV campaigns will be closely integrated throughout the entire period. 

The accompanying campaign brings home Deutsche Telekom’s high level of continuity combined with even more entertainment. The company has signed up two well-known MagentaTV testimonials in the shape of Fahri Yardim and Frederick Lau. With presenter Jan Köppen, a familiar TVNOW face, thrown in for good measure. Together the trio will be presenting the very latest highlights at MagentaTV. To add a good measure of wit and humor, Christian Ulmen will also be joining in the fun – albeit this year only behind the camera. He developed the script and directed the ad.

Like last year, the ads provide viewers with a behind-the-scenes look at how the campaign was produced. Fahri, promoting Deutsche Telekom for the third year running, believes he is way better than Frederick. Frederick could learn a lot from an old MagentaTV hand like him. With his superior experience, he provides Frederick with “tips from a pro”, advising him how to raise his game for this extraordinary TV collaboration. But completely fails to appreciate Frederick’s abilities – and his familiarity with the third member of the team: Jan, the TVNOW star. 

Deutsche Telekom will be aiming the MagentaTV campaign at a broad and wide-reaching audience, with channels including TV, online, out-of-home, and point-of-sale. The enterprise will be placing the various themes in the relevant media channels to reach each specific target group. The emphasis will be on the four focus TV persona: family fun-seekers, entertainment professionals, streaming junkies, connected vindicators. And with a warm welcome for anyone that simply enjoys good TV.

The TVNOW streaming service with up to 5.95 million unique users (AGOF) each month now boasts 47,000 hours of content with TVNOW originals, RTL programs and exclusive licensed content and is being substantially expanded. Each year, Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland invests around one billion euros to create and produce its own content. TVNOW offers a range of genres from high-quality fiction, entertainment, and news offerings to live sport, a comprehensive movie package, and a constantly growing family and kids section. Not only that, soccer fans can also look forward to the best games from the UEFA Europa League on TVNOW.

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