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Victoria Beckham Got Freaked Out While Playing ‘Can You Feel It?’ on ‘The Tonight Show’


Victoria Beckham reaches inside the mystery box during the Can You Feel It? game with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show on Wednesday (October 13).

The 43-year-old fashion designer stopped by the program to talk about her new fashion collection and opened up about coordinating her looks with husband David Beckham, before playing the Halloween themed mystery box game with Jimmy.

During the game, one of the two got really freaked out!

Victoria Beckham Got Freaked Out While Playing 'Can You Feel It?' on 'The Tonight Show'

After taking turns in the mystery box game, both Victoria and Jimmy teamed up on the last one, which featured the Michael Myers mask from Halloween Kills – but what they didn’t know was that someone was actually wearing the mask in the box.

As they both reached in, Jimmy jumped out of his socks when the masked man poked a knife towards Jimmy‘s hand.

Victoria Beckham revealed during a visit on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday why she and David Beckham used to wear matching outfits a lot.

‘It just seemed like a really good idea at the time,’ Victoria, 47, said drawing giggles from the studio audience in New York City.

‘It really did. I think there was a naïveté then, we didn’t know about fashion. We were just having fun with it,’ she added.
‘We didn’t know about fashion. We were just having fun with it, which to be honest with you, is kind of the way it should be. I really wish I had the courage to do it more now,’ Victoria said.

Victoria said they didn’t know and didn’t care and just wanted to have fun with their outfits.

Well documented; Victoria said they didn't do it a lot but the times that they did it was well documented, including this matching outfit in 1998

‘And we were like, ”Hey, let’s wear matching leather. …And we did,’ she said.

Jimmy then pulled out a 1999 picture of Victoria and David wearing matching black leather motorcycle jackets and leather pants.

Victoria said they didn’t do it a lot but the times that they did it was well documented.

The Spice Girls member, who was dressed in a white silk button down and belted white trousers, also talked with Jimmy about her new beauty and fashion lines. Jimmy told her that last time that he saw her she was pregnant with Harper who was now 10 years old. He asked her how her family was doing.

‘They’re so good,’ she said.

Awards show: David and Victoria also matched up at the MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles in 2003

Jimmy told her she was not only a global superstar but that her fashion lines were a huge success.

‘I just feel so lucky to have these creative outlets,’ Victoria said. ‘It’s just what I love to do. I love fashion. I love beauty. I love to make women feel like the best versions of themselves.’

She added ‘I really really do. If someone wants to invest in my brand, wear my clothes or my makeup that’s why I am doing it. I want women to feel great about themselves.’

Jimmy asked her if she remembered the first time she saw someone wearing something from her line. She said she was in a restaurant with her husband David.

‘I was so excited,’ said Victoria.

He then asked her about her new beauty line Victoria Beckham Beauty.

She said it has been a dream of hers to focus on clean beauty products that are luxurious but really work.

Victoria said she was obsessed with makeup and wanted her products to also be inclusive.

‘That was my goal and I saw a space in the market where no one else was doing that and It’s doing very well,’ she said.

Jimmy also had Victoria play a guessing game with him where they blindly stuck their hands into boxes to guess the contents.

Victoria, told Jimmy she was more nervous than singing in front of 90,000 people.

‘I’m so nervous,’ said Victoria.

A container was brought out that contained a smashed pumpkin labeled ‘pumpkin guts’ and Jimmy stuck his hand in and said he had 30 seconds to figure out what it was.

Victoria told him ‘It’s really gross.’ And then started clapping with the audience ‘pick it up.’

Jimmy guessed that it was oatmeal. When he saw what it was, he said ‘you guys are the worst.

Then it was Victoria’s turn . She rolled up her sleeves and asked the audience to help her out. The box contained a spinning ‘squid game doll.’

‘This is horrific,’ said Victoria, who was scared to put her hand inside the box. ‘What is it?’

Jimmy then pulled the creepy doll form squid game show out of the box to show her what was inside.

Jimmy’s next box arrived which contained eggs and hair and Victoria told him ‘really it’s gross.’

When it was Victoria’s turn, they brought out a box full of opened mascara brushes. She begged the audience to help her ‘Aw come on, I’m from London. Help me.’ She laughed when she learned she was touching mascara.

For the last one, they both got the same box that contained a Halloween Mask and they both were to put their hands in at the same time.

‘I never thought I was a nervous person but it turns out I really am because that (was) terrifying,’ Victoria said.

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