TikTok’s Color Personality Test Is the Latest Viral Sensation

There’s no argument that social media has changed the way we consume information.


While the primary goal for social media is to allow us all to connect with friends, family, and build career relationships, it has proven to do that and then some. And TikTok is slowly but surely leading the pack.

Whether you’re a TikTok connoisseur or new to the short-form video app world, you know that there are plenty of trends and challenges that go viral almost every day. And while many of these viral videos showcase how talented TikTok creators are, the Color Personality Test is changing the game. So it’s time to answer the obvious question: What is the Color Personality Test on TikTok?


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TikTok users have shared all sorts of fun challenges and quizzes on the app over the years, and the latest trend to swoop through the platform is the Color Personality Test.

The Color Personality Test is easy to take and only requires you to answer twelve short questions about yourself before it assigns you a color.

The test also shows you an analysis of your color and personality type, and even informs you on which other colors fit well with yours.

To find out more information about the quiz, as well as how to take it, read on below!

The Color Personality Test has gone viral on TikTok as people on the app want to know what color represents their personality.

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People have found the test interesting because it gives each person a color which is unique to their personality and traits.

tiktoker ash color personality test

The Color Personality Test is similar to other tests you may have taken.
While all of us would say that we know ourselves inside and out, personality tests still appeal to us for many reasons. Not only are these tests always on trend, but they’re also a great way to learn something new about yourself — if you trust the algorithms behind these tests, of course.
To take the test and find out which color represents you, head over to the website ktestone.com.

The instructions on the site are easy to follow, and you will be asked twelve questions about yourself which will help them to assign you a color.

You will be asked questions such as “how do you behave with your friends?” and “what do you enjoy doing on the weekend?”

As soon as you have answered the questions, the site picks out a color which suits you the best and gives you a quick rundown on your personality and which other colors fit well with yours, as well as the cons of you personality type.


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And while there are many personality tests out there that people love, the Color Personality Test is proving to be a social media favorite. See, while most personality tests only consist of asking specific questions and giving you results, the Color Personality Tests groups you into a specific color that can explain certain things you may or may not already know. In essence, adding colors into the mix is another way for people to express their individuality.

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According to HashtagHyena, the Color Personality Test is based upon the True Colors personality profiling system that categorizes at-risk children, which was created by Don Lowry in 1978.

The personality temperament theory is that everyone’s personality is a combination of all four colors – blue, orange, green, and gold.

The site reports that the two dominant colors represent the core of that person’s personality temperament. So green personalities are all independent thinkers, gold ones are pragmatic planners, orange types are action-oriented, and blues are people-oriented. In essence, the goal of this test is for people to gain more insight into who they are.

However, it shouldn’t be confused with the Color Personality Test that reveals your favorite color based on your date of birth via a Google search. The trending Color Personality Test is a modern personality questionnaire that’s designed to anticipate your character traits based on the colors.

The Color Personality Test requires you to answer a few questions to identify your personality color.
If you have a deep affinity for quizzes, personality tests, and more, the process for finding out the color that matches your personality is pretty simple.

Once you’re on the website, you’ll have 12 questions to answer. These questions span topics about how you are with friendships, how you like to work, vacation plans, and more.

At the conclusion of the test, the site will generate your color. And while everyone won’t get the same color, creators are bonding about the experience on TikTok. Creators are sharing their results under #personalcolortest and #personalcoloranalysis. And the trend has already garnered almost 1.8 million views.

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