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Barr, Hicks make final campaign stops in central Ky. before Election Day


Both candidates projected optimism, as Barr highlighted his record in securing PPE for rural hospitals and his role in the China Task Force while Hicks believes his image as a political outsider will resonate with Kentuckians. Hicks also hopes his background as a police officer and a marine will demonstrate his commitment to public service.

Hicks’ campaign feels that if there’s any democratic candidate in good position to win the rural counties in the district, it’s Josh Hicks.

Hicks’ campaign is expecting to carry Fayette and Franklin counties, but what they’ll need to pull out an upset victory is perform better than McGrath did in surrounding, rural counties. In Hicks’ home of Fleming county for example, McGrath earned just 29 percent of the vote in 2018. Hicks says to keep this competitive, he’d like to see those numbers around the 40 percent mark.

Congressman Andy Barr made his first stop at Senator Mitch McConnell’s Versailles event. Meanwhile, his Democratic opponent Josh Hicks had two different Lexington stops today.

US Marine Corps veteran Hicks spent the morning with volunteers in Lexington, handing out literature to people who are undecided or haven’t voted yet. Hicks also attended an event at Windy Corner Market in the 4000 block of Bryan Station Road with Amy McGrath this afternoon.

Hicks spoke at this morning’s event saying people all over the state are concerned about similar issues, no matter their backgrounds and where they come from.

“So many people’s problems from rural to urban, no matter what the color of your skin is, no matter what your political affiliation is, so many people’s problems are exactly the same. They want a good job, they want health care, they want a government that’s compassionate and understands where they are and what’s happening to them,” Hicks said.

Congressman Barr spoke at a rally for Senator McConnell in Versailles this morning. Barr looked back to his race for the same 6th District seat in 2018. He ran against Amy McGrath at the time, who is now running against McConnell for the Senate seat.

Barr spoke about his victory in the race two years ago.

“Woodford County, a county that gave us two years ago an over 1,000 vote victory, in Woodford County. You know, put another way, a count that rejected liberal Amy McGrath,” Barr said.

We’ll have more details from each of their afternoon and early evening events tonight at 10.

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