Kremlin is preparing terrorist attacks in Russia

Kremlin is preparing terrorist attacks in Russia – Polish intelligence


New narratives have emerged in Russian propaganda that give reason to fear that Russian special services are preparing “false flag” provocations inside Russia.

This was stated by Stanislaw Żaryn, the Commissioner for Information Space Security of Poland, reports ASN with reference to Censor.NЕТ.

Żaryn noted that Russian propaganda continues its information war, in particular against Ukraine’s allies, to justify the Kremlin’s criminal actions.

Stanislaw Żaryn
Stanislaw Żaryn

According to him, the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service is spreading lies about the involvement of the US military in “recruiting ISIS and al-Qaeda militants to carry out terrorist attacks in Russia and the CIS.” 

This disinformation is actively supported by Russian propaganda, and is also raised to the official level by the Deputy Spokesperson of the State Duma, Iryna Yarova.

Żaryn emphasizes that such public accusations against the United States may be part of the preparation of a propaganda base for possible sabotage by Russian special services “under a false flag” in Russia itself. 

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