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Russians find it more and more difficult to deliver ammunition to east


Russians are still able to bring ammunition into eastern Ukraine, but it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to do so as Ukrainian forces strike and destroy Russian convoys and depots.

As informs ASN with reference to LIGA.NЕТ, this was stated by the spokesman for the Eastern Group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Serhiy Cherevaty, during a telethon.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces spokesman emphasized that Russians are launching a large number of fire strikes in the east, but compared to the situation in summer or fall, when they could “pour fire” along the entire front line, they are now concentrating on certain areas.

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“But there is a high intensity artillery war going on. And we see that they are already showing a tendency to a certain shortage of shells.

They are bringing them from more distant regions of Russia. They are transporting them under our close supervision and fire, when we break their logistics, break down field depots, cover the convoys themselves as they move,” Cherevaty said. 

He summarized that it is becoming increasingly difficult for the Russians to supply ammunition, but unfortunately, they still have this opportunity.

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