Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s love affair was astrological hell


There is perhaps no couple that defined the ’90s more than Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee.

Teasers for the controversial Hulu series, “Pam & Tommy,” starring Lily James as Anderson and Sebastian Stan as Lee, evoke the sex tape, tattoos and tumultuous love affair that defined an era. Let’s have a look at the birth charts of these two star crossed lovers to see how it all came to be and came to an end.

Sun square, worlds collide

Born July 1, 1967, Pamela Anderson, 54, is a caretaking Cancer sun with a bridge burning Aries moon. Conversely, Tommy Lee, 59, born Oct. 3, 1962 is a charming Libra sun with a swashbuckling Sagittarius moon. Pamela’s sun squares Tommy’s, a seriously challenging and volatile aspect. In astrology, the sun represents our essential selfhood. Libras like Tommy follow intellect, while Cancers like Pam are guided by intuition and emotion. The sun square aspect indicates that at their most essential, these two are wildly different human beings.

The upswing of the square-off is that all that tension makes for immediate attraction. The pair met when Anderson sent over a round of shots to Lee’s table, as reported by Rolling Stone. Lee, rolling balls on MDMA, thanked her for the gesture by licking the side of her face. Fast forward to Lee following/low-key stalking Anderson to a photo shoot in Mexico and marrying her a scant 96 hours later.

“Tommy and I started out having a very intense, fun, crazy relationship because we were two kids,” Anderson told Interview in 2016. “We were madly in love. It wasn’t like drugs or alcohol or anything like that. We were both just really passionate about life.” This square is the mark of the can’t live with them, can’t live without them, sort of love story. These two are drawn to each other but not destined to stay together as their only common ground is a mattress. 

Pamela Anderson in a white dress kisses Tommy Lee
Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee make out during the 23rd Annual American Music Awards.


Who are Tommy Lee’s ex-wives?

TOMMY Lee is a rockstar and founding member of the heavy metal band Mötley Crüe.

Here’s a look at each of his marriages.

Tommy Lee has been married four times
Tommy Lee has been married four times

Who are Tommy Lee’s ex-wives?

Pamela Anderson

Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson
Tommy Lee and Pamela AndersonCredit: Getty Images

Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson were married on February 19, 1995 – just four days after the two met.

Pamela is an actress, model, and activist, known for both her Playboy days and Baywatch appearances.

Together, Tommy and Pamela share two children: Brandon Thomas and Dylan Jagger.

After a tumultuous relationship, the two divorced in 1998.

Although legally separated, Pamela and Tommy continued to see each other until 2001.

Prior to their wedding, Tommy was briefly engaged to model Bobbie Brown.

In 2008, Tommy and Pamela reportedly reunited once more before ending their relationship for good.

Heather Locklear

Tommy Lee and Heather Locklear
Tommy Lee and Heather LocklearCredit: Getty – Contributor

Tommy Lee married actress Heather Locklear on May 10, 1986.

Heather starred as Amanda Woodward on Melrose Place throughout the 1990s, moving on to Spin City after.

She and Tommy divorced in 1993.

Elaine Starchuk

Tommy Lee and Elaine Starchuk
Tommy Lee and Elaine StarchukCredit: Facebook

Tommy married his first wife, Elaine Starchuk, in 1984.

While not much is publicly known about Elaine, she reportedly worked as a model throughout the 1980s.

After just seven days of marriage, Elaine and Tommy broke up and divorced the next year in 1985.

Is Tommy Lee married?

On February 14, 2019, Tommy Lee married social media personality, Brittany Furlan.

The two announced their engagement the previous Valentine’s Day.

Born on September 5, 1986, Brittany is a former Vine star who continues to make social media content.

She appeared in a Pitbull music video for the song Fireball, as well as the 2018 Netflix documentary, The American Meme.

Tommy and Brittany reportedly began dating in 2017.

Brittany has also starred in We Are Your Friends, Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling, The Unicorn, The Dirt, Spy Intervention, and Paradise City.

In 2019, she was featured on an episode of E! True Hollywood Story about fame and addiction.

Who else has Tommy Lee dated?

Tommy Lee was briefly engaged to dancer Mayte Garcia from 2002 until 2003.

Garcia is the ex-wife of Prince, and collaborated on music with Tommy.

He and singer Sofia Toufa were engaged from 2014 until 2017.

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