Bella Hadid’s Latest Look Is a Trip Back to the 2000s


Bella Hadid has always known how to style a throwback. Lately, the model’s outfits have been centered around the ’90s. She loves tiny little shoulder bags, thong heels, and all things vintage Jean Paul Gaultier. But yesterday in Brooklyn, Hadid stepped out rocking a look that channels the early-2000s instead. Y2K fashion is definitely in right now—all the cool TikTok and Instagram girls are doing it, much to the chagrin of many who lived through the era—and the model embraced the more-is-more aesthetic in her very own way. In fact, she made it feel totally current.

Hadid, who turns 24 on Friday, partook in an early birthday dinner with friends last night. For the occasion, she wore a mesh t-shirt, the kind of thing you would see tweens wearing in the 2000s while perusing their local Hot Topic. But Hadid made hers feel modern (and not at all Hot Topic-y) by styling hers with a cropped white tank, ripped jeans (also very Y2K), and layered gold necklaces underneath. Her black, pointy boots also helped give the outfit a fresh feel, as did the sparkly shoulder bag that she discreetly carried.

Perhaps Hadid is stepping into fall and leaving behind her beloved, minimal pieces from the ’90s. If this trend in her wardrobe continues, we can only hope to see her revive babydoll dresses or the dress-over-jeans trend—because if someone can take on the challenge and pull that off, it’s Bella.

Source: Glossy

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