President Trump helps Gulf Coast prepare before Hurricane Delta makes landfall

President Trump has authorized emergency declarations for Louisiana and Mississippi this week, mobilizing FEMA in anticipation of Hurricane Delta. The storm is expected to make landfall in Louisiana tomorrow.


More than 5 million meals have been pre-staged by FEMA, as well as over 4 million liters of bottled water and 45 generators. Federal workers are assisting state and local officials to place resources near where Hurricane Delta is expected to make an impact.
The Trump Administration continues to support areas already affected during this hurricane season, as well. As Louisiana prepares for another storm, FEMA has awarded over $157 million in assistance to individuals in the state and paid more than $10 million for flood insurance claims following Hurricane Laura’s landfall in late August.
“I appreciate President Trump’s quick action on approving my request for a federal emergency declaration for Hurricane Delta,” Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards said.

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