President Trump’s America first agenda has reversed the failures of the Obama-Biden administration


President Trump has delivered for American workers by renegotiating bad trade deals, slashing taxes and red tape, and overseeing strong economic growth. In contrast, Joe Biden has embraced the socialist policies of his party’s far-left base, including a $4 trillion tax hike and his version of the radical Green New Deal. Representative Jim Jordan (OH-04) and Lena Epstein, Trump 2016 Michigan Co-Chair, business owner and philanthropist, discussed all this and more on today’s ‘MAGAnomics’ broadcast hosted by Steve Cortes, Trump 2020 Senior Advisor.

“Joe Biden has coddled and appeased the Chinese Communist Party for decades. He enabled the wholesale abuse of American workers by China. Now, as the facts emerge about his family collecting fortunes from Beijing, the possible motivations of his economic betrayal become more clear,” said Steve Cortes, Trump 2020 Senior Advisor. “While Joe Biden is a creature of the Washington swamp, President Trump is an independent voice whose only loyalty is to the American people.”

“President Trump delivered the greatest economy in the world through his America First agenda, and only he can do it again,” said Representative Jim Jordan (OH-04). “In contrast, Joe Biden has been pulled so far to the left by his party that, if elected, he would suffocate the American economy under stifling taxes and regulations.”

“As a business owner in the energy industry, I have seen firsthand how President Trump has transformed the American economy and improved conditions for both workers and small business owners,” said Lena Epstein, Trump 2016 Michigan Co-Chair, business owner and philanthropist. “Meanwhile, Joe Biden threatens the very existence of the American energy sector and cannot be trusted to rebuild our economy.”

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