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Trump – Error Twit

A map of voting in Michigan from earlier in the night - which shows a sudden increase of around 130,000 votes for Joe Biden, but none for Donald Trump - has gone viral on social media.


President Trump has tweeted the image, which is raising speculation about voter fraud.

It’s commonplace that state authorities will add a big chunk of votes to a tally at once.

Decision Desk, the election monitoring website which created the map, said: “It was a simple error from a file created by the state that we ingested… the state noticed the error and produced an updated count.”

But social media users were questioning why in this update Trump didn’t have any votes added to his tally.

The spokesperson added: “This sort of thing can happen on election night and we expect other vote tabulators in Michigan experienced this error and corrected in real-time like we did.”

Twitter has added labels to the tweets saying: “Some or all of the content shared in this tweet is disputed and might be misleading about an election or other civic process.”

When we contacted them, Michigan’s Bureau of Elections said they didn’t have a comment on the data discrepancy but said the results were at this stage “unofficial” and not the final count.

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