“We’re up against a good team, who’ve started the season very well”, said the coach.

inedine Zidane spoke to the media at the virtual press conference ahead of the LaLiga matchday three game against Betis at the Benito Villamarín


Zinedine Zidane spoke to the media at the virtual press conference ahead of the LaLiga matchday three game against Betis at the Benito Villamarín (Saturday, 9pm CEST): “We know that we’re up against a good team, who’ve had a great start in LaLiga, but that doesn’t change anything for us. We want to put in a good performance like in San Sebastian and to improve on what we did, because there is always room for improvement, but the key is to focus on tomorrow’s match and play well”.

“Betis has pretty much the same squad as last season, but they’ve changed their coach. Pellegrini is experienced and we know what he can add to his team. He’s setting them up well and Betis have always had quality players. I think with the experience of this coach, Betis will be good this year and i’m sure they will be tomorrow gainst us”.

“These are my things. When you see the team sheet tomorrow there will be players out there and you will tell me that this one or that one should have played. We’re going to play a lot of games and some players who will play more than others, but that’s the life of a squad, a team. This isn’t going to change. It’s the whole squad that I’m interested in. I feel that each player can give me something. I dedicate myself to preparing the players very well and then to choose, and that’s what I’m going to do in every match. 

Hazard, Asensio and Lucas Vazquez
“They’ve only just got back involved, in the sense that they haven’t trained much. They could make the squad because the important thing is that they’re in good shape physically. We’ve got another game on Wednesday then another on the weekend. We’ve got a lot of games to play and we’ll see how we’re going to manage it”.

Hazard is fine after his injury. The only thing is that as he’s only trained a few times with the team, we have to go slowly. Hazard is going to be with the team, but I said it before the first game and the player also wants to come back when he’s 100%”.

“He’s a different player who can play a little higher up, but he can play other positions too and he can have another role, because Martin can play in a lot of positions. He covers a lot of distance, he’s got a very good physique and had a very good first game the other day. Everyone will play their part and we’re going to play a lot of games. The matches are coming thick and fast. Then we start the Champions League, its none stop, and everyone has to be ready”.


“I can tell you that last year we were efficient and won LaLiga. We scored goals and there were spells when we were a little less efficient. We must work hard, I’m the coach and I have to find ways to make the players more effective, but I don’t agree that every time we don’t score we are not efficient. There will be games where we score a lot of goals and others where we don’t. We have to try to find that balance”.

Jović and Benzema together
“They can play together. We’ll be playing a lot of games and we’ll have a lot of chances to play different ways. Every game and every opponent is different. I’ve never thought that Jović can’t play with Karim. I’ve never said that, and it could happen”.

The squad
“Anything can happen until October 4. I’m happy with my squad. It’s the best, I’ve got complete confidence in it and we’re going to work hard to be physically in good shape. If we’re well prepared, we can compete and win, which is our objective. I’m not going to ask for anything”.
Bale’s statements
“I’m not going to reply to what Gareth said. We wish him well and that’s it. We’re doing our thing here and that’s that”.
Players who’ve departed 
“All the players you have mentioned have succeeded here or abroad. The only thing is to talk about my squad, and that there are players who play less but that’s my job. Of the four that you mentioned (James, Bale, Reguilón, Achraf), I think that they played their part here, and elsewhere too”.
Barcelona’s situation
“I don’t know exactly what’s going on. I think all clubs have their things, their difficulties. Barcelona, in sporting terms, are a team that will be there fighting for everything. I have no doubt about that”.

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