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Herbal Essences Invites You to Celebrate 50 Years of Amazing Scents and Hair Memories

For 50 years now, Herbal Essences has been known and loved for its iconic scents and plant-powered products that leave hair looking and smelling amazing.


CINCINNATI– In honor of this milestone anniversary, Herbal Essences is inviting fans to celebrate their favorite hair moments through a #ScentBack journey on TikTok and Instagram, demonstrating the way scent and memory are forever intertwined. To participate, just sniff, tousle and show how Herbal Essences takes you back to your favorite hair moments of the past – whether that be your virtual birthday a few weeks ago or prom 20 years ago. Everyone is invited to relive their favorite hair memories inspired by the Herbal Essences scents they know and love.

“With one sniff of Herbal Essences, I’m always #ScentBack to my prom night. The best part of getting ready for a big night, such as prom, is preparing. It’s picking out the dress, the makeup but mostly for me, it was my hair. I went to the store and distinctly remember reaching for a new bottle of Herbal Essences,” shares Herbal Essences Brand Ambassador and Celebrity Stylist Bridget Brager. “Scent is such an important part of Herbal Essences, and of hair care as a whole, so when it comes to selecting products to use on my own hair, I can’t help but love the feeling of nostalgia I get whenever I pop open a bottle of Herbal Essences.”

“Have you ever been out shopping, and when someone walks by the scent of their perfume or hair stops you in your tracks?? Herbal Essences has such an iconic scent that really can bring up so many memories from when I was growing up. One of the memories I am #ScentBack to is my school dances. Herbal Essences was always in our shower, but I made sure to use their products for special occasions! I knew my hair would smell just as amazing as I felt in my dress!” shares Herbal Essences Brand Ambassador and Influencer Sonia Castaneda. “Scent is such an important part of memories. I have so many with Herbal Essences, which is just another reason I am so excited to be celebrating their 50th Anniversary with them!”

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“When I smell Herbal Essences, I’m #ScentBack to growing up with my two sisters. We all shared the same bottle of Herbal Essences—Chamomile—among so many other things. Every time I use our Chamomile collection, I think of the three of us giggling at our ‘Thompson Sisters’ inside jokes. I’m looking forward to bringing back a bit of that with my daughters as they grow up,” shares Senior Brand Director, Jen Thompson. “Scent has been at the core of our brand for the past 50 years and we’re thrilled to invite the people who have been on this journey with us to participate in the celebration by revisiting fond memories through hair and scent.”

Herbal Essences products feature real botanicals paired with irresistibly delicious fragrances you can’t forget. You’ll love our iconic offerings just as much today as you did in years past with collections including Herbal Essences Smooth Rose Hips, Shine Chamomile, Clarifying & Purifying Tea Tree and our newest Hydrate Coconut Water & Jasmine. They’re gentle and effective, their amazing scents stay with your hair all day, plus they’re PETA Cruelty Free, color safe and dermatologist tested.

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