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COVID-19: Six Things to Consider for an Inclusive Recovery


Rehana is 21. She left her village outside Rangpur to come to Dhaka three years ago because her cousin, who worked in a garment factory, told her there were plenty of opportunities in the city. Rehana admired her cousin’s confidence, independence, and status derived from the financial assistance she gave her family.


UN pushes Security Council on global ceasefire, to fight ‘common enemy’


“I count on your commitment to this appeal”, Amina Mohammed told the meeting via videoconference, on factors driving civil strife worldwide. “And I count on your renewed political and financial investments in prevention and solutions, to stave off security and conflict risks, at a time when the world needs peace and calm more than ever


WHO chief : ‘If we invest in health systems, we can bring this virus under control’ -COVID-19


“Public health is more than medicine and science and it is bigger than any individual and there is hope that if we invest in health systems…we can bring this virus under control and go forward together to tackle other challenges of our times”, UN World Health Organization chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told journalists in a

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