Samsung 837X

Create the world you want in Samsung 837X. Here’s how.

  • Samsung empowers metaverse fans to take the lead with an all-new interactive experience in a freshly transformed Samsung 837X.
  • Starting today at 8:37 PM EDT, visitors in the virtual world can embark on a customization-focused quest to earn a personalized piece of NFT art that they create.
  • The “You make it” quest is inspired by all of the ways that Samsung’s bold customization features let people express their unique styles.

Attention metaverse fans: Samsung 837X is back with a customization quest that’s even bigger, bolder and more self-expressive.

Samsung is empowering guests to create the world they want for themselves in a freshly transformed Samsung 837X. There will be new worlds to explore, characters to interact with and prizes to win.

Since January, nearly 120,000 fans have visited Samsung’s immersive virtual world in Decentraland, which is modeled after its flagship store in New York City. 837X provides unique experiences that merge technology and culture, with new ways for people to connect.

What’s new in Samsung 837X

Starting today, at 8:37 PM EDT, 837X visitors can take the lead and curate personal experiences with an all-new customization-focused quest called You make it. As a creative hub that transcends the digital and physical, 837X will now be home to this one-of-a-kind “choose your own journey” quest.

The You make it quest is inspired by all of the ways Samsung empowers people to express their unique style, raising the bar for personalization and choice. Fans will be greeted by a completely redesigned 837X interior, filled with vibrant colors and a fun new look that encourages exploration and self-expression.

Samsung 837X Bespoke Island

The adventure begins with three mystical characters that embody the design, flexibility and connectivity of Samsung’s customizable technology. A bold tiger, an intelligent octopus and a sophisticated owl will guide each adventurer, based on their personal design spirit. From there, fans can explore dynamic patterns and colors of the sea, travel through an immersive jungle temple and climb adventurous mountain islands alongside each character.

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