Multi-currency Business Accounts

Creating Multi-currency Business Accounts Online


For many years, any type of banking has been largely inaccessible, complicated, time-consuming, and expensive. A lot needed to be done in order to open a business account or make an international transfer. Luckily, Genome came to the rescue and made online bank solutions truly accessible and affordable for everyone. With a dedicated Genome account, it becomes possible to do business in Greece and all of Europe without spending hours at a physical bank and days waiting for each transfer to come through. Learn how to open a business account effortlessly.

Creating a Corporate Account for Digital Banking

Many company owners want to open a business account but are reluctant to go to a physical bank as it usually takes a long time and a lot of money to do things this old-fashioned way. Luckily, with online bank solutions provided by, it is possible to request a new corporate account and use it to receive money in up to three working days. Here is how you can apply for this financial service:

  1. Sign up on the website and complete the identity verification using your ID or other official document and a mobile phone;
  2. After opening your user account with an email and a password, offer all the necessary data about your company to finish applying for online bank services.

And that is it. Only two steps are what it takes to open a business account and start enjoying all the perks of virtual money transfers. It normally takes up to 72 hours max to review your application and open a corporate e-wallet.

Currencies Available for Genome E-Wallet

Genome Account solutions are especially popular in Europe because of the currencies and trading pairs available. This electronic wallet can store EUR, GBP, and USD. A separate financial service included in the account allows exchanging these currencies with only a 1% flat fee for all transactions. However, having three currencies accessible does not mean that it is only possible to have three accounts. Genome allows creating up to fifteen accounts, which includes up to five online bank accounts for each of the three currencies. With all these accounts, money transfers become infinitely easier. At first, each client needs to open a business account in euros and then add all the other necessary accounts. In addition, only one registration and verification is needed when opening an account, and all the other accounts do not require additional online bank applications.

Online bank Features Available for Genome Accounts

When you open a business account here, you can do more than simply send and receive money. Here are some other useful solutions:

  • Transfer templates – whether you are sending funds in USD, GBP, or EUR, it is possible to save a template for your regular online bank payment and use it quickly when needed;
  • Shared access – managing a corporate account usually requires more than one employee for maximum efficiency. As soon as you open a business account and verify your identity, you can start adding employees for convenient management;
  • Start a merchant account online to receive payments from customers. 
  • Receiving notifications live – make your online bank management easier with regular notifications on each transaction.

Genome is a versatile solution for virtual banking. As soon as you open a business account online, you gain access to a set of useful tools and services that make financial management easier and more efficient. The solutions offered at Genome are legally certified by the National Bank of Lithuania. This guarantees the top quality and security of all services. Special safety measures are included in order to protect money and data. This involves two-factor authentication, the latest encryption methods, and other solutions for ensuring cyber security. On you can read more about it.

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