Mariah Carey claims her troubled sister ‘tried to sell me out to a pimp’ at age 12

“One time when Mariah was six, her older brother Morgan lashed out at their mother during an argument and threw her against the wall," a publishing source said.


In The Meaning of Mariah Carey, out now, the famous songstress details her troubled childhood and sheds light on the bitterness between herself and her “ex-” older siblings, Morgan and Alison Carey. She claims Morgan, 60, was very violent, once hurling their mother, Patricia Carey, into a wall, knocking her out cold, and was put in a children’s psychiatric center for “seriously emotionally troubled children.” The bad blood with Alison, 58, ran deeper with Mariah claiming she “tried to sell me out to a pimp” when she was 12.

Mariah, 50, paints a sad saga about Alison, who became pregnant at 15 and had the baby against mom Patricia’s advice. She writes about being 7 and attending the most awkward baby/wedding shower ever for her sibling, who then moved to the Philippines to marry her baby daddy, a 19-year-old serviceman. Just a few years later, Alison, 20, returned to their native Long Island, N.Y., and was in a bad way.

“Whatever had happened to her over there, or on Long Island, or in a back room somewhere, had taken its toll on her,” Mariah wrote. “Something, or many things, must have happened to her to lead her to barter her body for money and drugs, as she went on to do for years.”

The Sun can exclusively reveal how Mariah will claim her brother was a failed hit man and how she was allegedly pimped out by her older sister age 12 in the explosive biography, The Meaning of Mariah Carey, which goes on sale tomorrow.

The songstress will also tell how she was threatened with a knife by first husband Tommy Mottola and allegedly kept like a prisoner in their $30 million mansion.

And Mariah talks about how at the height of her fame, she suffered a breakdown – and how her own mother called cops on her and had her sectioned.

The Fantasy singer is set to give a no-holds-barred account of her painful childhood in the bombshell book.

“One time when Mariah was six, her older brother Morgan lashed out at their mother during an argument and threw her against the wall,” a publishing source said.

“Mariah was terrified he had killed her and stood there glued to the spot until police came.

“She also talks about how Morgan was a failed hitman – in 1980 a woman asked him to kill her husband for $30,000. He was given $1200 up front but he never went through with it. “

The Sun understands he denies the claims.

The source went on: “Then as an adult Mariah remembers how Morgan and her mother came to her and told her how her mom’s second husband was threatening to ruin her career by revealing family secrets.

“She says Morgan asked for $5,000 to ‘take care’ of the guy and no one would ever know. She was shocked her family would suggest such a plan.”

Mariah wrote that their parents split when she was 3 and she lived with their mother while Alison moved in with their dad, Alfred — and there wasn’t loving interaction between the siblings. But when Alison returned, she showed an interest in Mariah for the first time. She said Alison began luring her — doing things like secretly getting the then 12-year-old her own phone line, unbeknownst to their mom. The Careys were poor, so Mariah was quickly won over. Alison was living with a new “boyfriend” — who Mariah later learned was a pimp — and invited her sister to the nice house where she was allowed to watch as much TV as she wanted and snack on all the foods her mom couldn’t afford.

Source : The Sun Yahoo Celebrity

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