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Top 50 Countries Ranking – Adventure, Heritage and other factors

Is it difficult to name just one country when somebody asks you your favorite? Multiple factors might go into assigning this top spot.


The culture. The food. The people. Or that crazy, unforgettable adventure you had.

50. Panama

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  • Adventure #32
  • Citizenship #44
  • Cultural Influence #52
  • Entrepreneurship #51
  • Heritage #59
  • Movers #50
  • Open for Business #11
  • Power #62
  • Quality of Life #58

* The numbers listed are the country’s ranking for each of the nine attributes assessed in the survey, which contributed to its overall ranking. 

How It Ranks

Panama is a narrow country in Central America, most famous for the Panama Canal that connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Did you know it takes a ship eight to 10 hours to make its way through the canal?! Geez, that’s a time commitment. 

Besides this necessary feat in history, Panama is the only place in the world where you can watch the sunrise in the Pacific and sunset on the Atlantic. It just takes an aggressive hike up to the highest point in the country, Volcan Baru. Sweat-provoking? Yes. Worth it? Definitely. 

As No. 50 on the list, the country ranked on the lower end for most of the attributes, except for being open for business. In fact, Panama attracts several foreign corporations from near and far due to its scarce regulation of tax-exempt offshore banking. And, of course, its beautiful beaches attract tourists seeking adventure.

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