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North Korea Tests Ballistic Missiles; Second Launch in Days


SEOUL – North Korea test-fired two ballistic missiles Wednesday, in what is Pyongyang’s second launch in less than a week.  

The missiles were launched from a central inland area in North Korea and splashed into the sea off the country’s east coast, according to a text message sent to VOA by South Korea’s joint chiefs of staff.  

Few other details were immediately available, including what kind of missiles were launched or how far they flew. Japan’s defense ministry confirmed the launch, saying the projectiles did not enter Japanese territory. 

The launch comes two days after North Korea announced it test-fired a new long-range cruise missile, which defense analysts say is designed to evade its neighbors’ missile defenses.  

The cruise missile launches, which the North says occurred Saturday and Sunday, were Pyongyang’s first missile tests in about six months.  

North Korea is banned from any ballistic missile activity under United Nations Security Council resolutions. 

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