5 most fun GTA 4 missions of all time


GTA 4, one of the most popular games of all time, boasts a diverse assortment of incredibly exciting missions, each more challenging than the other.

Being perhaps the gravest and gloomy title in the series, GTA 4 features a number of tough choices that players must find a way to wade through, and while that does create a lot of in-game tension, it is one of the reasons why GTA 4 is unanimously agreed upon to be one of the best games in the franchise.

Top 5 missions from GTA 4 that players would love to play again

Here are 5 of the most exciting missions featured in GTA 4.

5) I’ll Take Her

GTA 4 featured a number of interesting missions but few were as engaging as this one, both in terms of the plotline and the objectives.

In this mission, Niko is tasked with kidnapping the daughter of a very dangerous kingpin. To achieve this feat, Niko pretends to be interested in fixing her sports car. As it turns out, women are hardly as naive as the world at times makes them out to be and this GTA 4 mission teaches players to never take them with a grain of salt, not even in a virtual world.

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