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Answer Your Crypto Questions with a Nimbus Platform Review


It seems like every time you go online or watch television, there are more ads promoting cryptocurrency. Once you considered it a risky fintech craze, but crypto now seems to be as mainstream as your favorite beverage or fast food restaurant. Not only are cyber-minded millennial men participating in the movement, but now institutions and “normal” people who aren’t tech wizards or don’t have a background in finance are acquiring crypto assets. Crypto is quickly becoming the whole world’s new currency.

Or so it seems. Adjacent to the ads, news segments headline crypto crashes, and financial editorials detail bitcoin volatility. Plus, all the new vocabulary can be very confusing – what is a blockchain, anyway? How do all those normal people understand the new currency trends and where do they find the information they need to take advantage of them?

Many crypto novices start with decentralized finance. DeFi pioneered financial services for decentralized digital assets that function similar to those of traditional financial institutions. In its short decade-old life, the industry evolved and matured, and its platforms refined their operations and user experience. But as a newcomer, you still might find this ecosystem just as complex and confusing as crypto itself. Often, platforms focus on a limited number of financial strategies, so if you want to create a diverse digital portfolio, you’ll have to investigate many different sites and invest a lot of time understanding them. Or they’ll require you to actively manage your assets, a difficult task for beginners without any idea how DeFi strategies work.  More importantly, you may find it difficult to determine which platforms are the best and most trustworthy.

What you really need is a financial hub that’s easy to use and educates users about the variety of strategies it offers. The innovative Nimbus Platform fills this need by guiding you through the maze of crypto finance with user-friendly navigation and educational tools that simplify the most complicated financial concepts. All Nimbus users have easy access to fifteen earning strategies just by choosing the most suitable financial direction and following easy step-by-step instructions.  One simple way you can earn rewards is by staking or holding assets in a pool that yields a high annual rate. The Nimbus peer-to-peer exchange allows you to exchange tokens with other users and set price and volume on your own terms. With the lending decentralized application or dApp, you can lend any amount or withdraw assets or rewards at any time, and borrowing has fixed rates and no time restrictions. Risk is controlled by users setting their own collateral level, and the unique notification system developed by Nimbus manages liquidation. All transactions are securely completed by smart contracts or self-executing protocols without intermediaries or their commissions.

Any user can master these strategies without difficulty, and Nimbus is developing more unique products to yield high rewards, like the first yield-generating NFT. Typically, NFTs represent ownership of specific digital assets like art and entertainment tickets, but the Nimbus NFT will work like a personalized financial strategy. Ingeniously, it will automatically distribute assets across products, mitigating risk and optimizing yields while saving time and fees. Another product is the Nimbus crowdfunding dApp, which will enable you to participate in startup crowdfunding using advanced features for automatic asset distribution, usage, and accountability.

Using Nimbus, you’ll find that crypto isn’t so complicated after all, but there’s even more to like. All DeFi platforms use smart contracts. These are computer protocols based on decentralized code that are virtually impossible to change and are not subject to central institutional failure or malicious modification because they verify, execute and store transactions on peer-to-peer networks. Smart contracts on the Nimbus Platform utilize pieces of the same logic other crypto programs have, such as the Uniswap exchange. However, Nimbus is unique in DeFi because all of these pieces are assembled in one place, working effectively for users’ financial advantage with a seamless user experience.

Furthermore, Nimbus doesn’t make the mistake that many start-ups do: outsourcing product development. Instead, Nimbus maintains control of its products with an in-house development team dedicated to preventing errors. Nimbus believes it’s critical to analyze and thoroughly examine its smart contract code to ensure it functions correctly. Their developers counter weaknesses by being aware of the vulnerabilities inherent in smart contracts. Nimbus also uses established cybersecurity services to implement vigorous audit procedures and has an ongoing bug bounty program rewarding friendly hackers when they find flaws in their code.

Although smart contract developers must know financial basics, Nimbus does not require them to have a background in finance. Rather, multifaceted backgrounds are valued because they provide both the detailed and broad perspectives necessary for an innovative business.

This attitude of inclusion extends to one more important feature, Nimbus’ commitment to its users and community. Their mission is “to foster a new society in which each human being is financially empowered and in control of his or her own future – and assets.” With this perspective, they may quickly become the whole world’s new DeFi platform.

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