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Kang So Ra welcomes first child with ‘older non-celebrity’ spouse

According to media outlet reports on April 15, actress Kang So Ra (31) has given birth to her first child!


South Korean actress Kang So Ra of ‘Doctor Stranger’ and ‘Misaeng: Incomplete Life’ fame, announced the birth of her first child on April 15, 2021.

A representative of her agency Plum Entertainment has now confirmed that the actress gave birth to a healthy baby girl, some time in the morning of April 12. The mother is also healthy and resting while celebrating the occasion with close family.

Meanwhile, Kang So Ra married a non-celebrity Korean medicine practitioner back in August of 2020. The couple chose not to hold a wedding ceremony due to the COVID19 pandemic.

Who is Kang So-ra’s husband?
In August 2020, Kang So-ra announced her wedding through a handwritten letter for her fans, that was shared on her official fan cafe Bling Bling. The letter took her fans by surprise as it revealed that she would be getting married in late August 2020. “You are probably surprised by the sudden news. I found a good person that I want to spend the rest of my life with, so I am sharing this good news with you through this letter,” she wrote in the letter.

Not much is known about Kang So-ra’s husband, as the family prefers to maintain their privacy. However, it was unveiled by AllKpop that the actress’s husband is a doctor of oriental medicine who is in his late thirties. He is known for his kind and gentlemanly personality and he hails from affluent family background.

“Many people seemed surprised by the news of the wedding because the two secretly dated. The groom’s good looks make him stand out, so it looks like a good-looking man and woman have met,” an insider source shared with AllKPop.

Fans across the world are congratulating the ‘We Got Married’ star and her husband on the birth of their first child.

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