The Rise of Telehealth in a Post-Covid World

Telehealth is becoming one of the best ways to provide healthcare across America and other parts of the world. As Covid forced us all into our homes, healthcare needed to change to allow people to still access healthcare services without having to leave home. As a result, telehealth became one of the best ways to allow patients to speak with their doctors, without the need to visit a surgery. Below we look at the rise of telehealth in a post-covid world.


What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is a new and easy way to access healthcare, no matter where you are. With technology becoming such a huge part of our everyday lives, healthcare industries have found that offering telephone and video appointments is a great way to help patients who do not want to come into the surgery.

Telehealth involves giving information, prescriptions, and healthcare advice over a computer or mobile device. This may be through a phone call, video call, or even online chat. Even though we are now in a post-covid world, the fears around covid are still very clear and many patients are too worried about going into their doctor’s surgery or nearest hospital.

The Benefits of Telehealth

Many may see telehealth as a bad thing, as it prevents patient relationships with doctors and nurses, but telehealth has often been found to be better than face-to-face appointments for many reasons. With health professionals being under so much strain, having telephone appointments gives doctors more time with patients.

It is also beneficial for patients who live in rural areas, or the elderly or vulnerable who would prefer not to visit a doctor’s surgery unless they have to. With many surgeries offering great telehealth services, there is little need for patients to have to visit the surgery. Instead, patients can get advice and prescriptions with a 5-minute phone call.

The Future of Telehealth

For telehealth to continue making its mark in the healthcare industry, there needs to be better measures in place. At the moment, more money needs to be invested in order to make telehealth accessible for everyone. Many private practices have their own telehealth system, which makes it easy for people to get medical advice, rather than visiting the hospital and waiting for hours in the emergency department.

For those who are worried about covid, this blog post explains when it’s worth visiting in person, rather than scheduling a telehealth COVID test, where you can stay at home until you have spoken to a healthcare professional about your symptoms.

Telehealth has been proven to help patients who were unable to access services during covid due to isolation or fear and should be something that is continuously offered in a post-covid world. With apps and technology being the most popular way to communicate, it is no doubt that telehealth will make its mark. As the healthcare industry continues to grow and becomes a more modern and streamlined service, expect telehealth to be a big part of that.

Telehealth made its mark during covid, showing patients and doctors just how beneficial it can be when used correctly. For patient-centred care, telehealth should be utilized in every healthcare setting.

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