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Former WGN-TV News Anchor, Allison Payne Dead at 57


Former WGN-TV News anchor Allison Payne has died at 57. 

Payne was a 21-year veteran of WGN-TV, hired in 1990 from Saginaw, Michigan, at the age of 25. She also covered a number of important stories around the world, including tracing the roots of former President Obama in Kenya and traveling to Côte d’Ivoire with Rev. Jesse Jackson.

Originally from Detroit, Payne eventually calls Chicago his hometown for many years and plays an active role in the community by laying the groundwork for students to guide students and ultimately seek entry into the field of journalism. Played.

After a series of unfortunate health events, Payne and WGN broke up when they returned to their hometown of Detroit in September 2011.

Allison Payne has made a significant contribution to the history of WGN-TV and we mourn her loss.

WGN-TV mourns the loss of former anchor Alison Pain

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