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‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Amber Portwood and Kristina Shirley’s Drama Over Leah Explained

Just when fans thought the Teen Mom OG drama couldn‘t get any more explosive, Amber Portwood called out Gary Shirley’s wife, Kristina, after the latest episode caused a stir.


In one scene from the Tuesday, March 30, episode of TMOG, Gary and Amber’s 12-year-old daughter, Leah, planned her birthday party and revealed she wanted to celebrate without Amber, 30. When Gary, 34, asked why Leah didn’t want her mom around for the soiree, Leah replied, “We don’t really have a bond like that.”

Briana DeJesus of Teen Mom 2 shared on social media that she “loves” Gary and Kristina Shirley for talking positively about Amber Portwood to daughter Leah, and fans had something to say about it.

In Briana’s post, she wrote, “Love Gary and Kristina so much more for this” and shared a gif from a fan page for Teen Mom OG. In the gif, Gary was seen telling Leah, “Your mom’s important.”


“Twelve years and she hasn’t really done anything,” Leah added. “That’s kind of been like Kristina’s spot … All she did was give birth to me.” Although Gary tried to convince Leah to see her mom, Amber ultimately decided to not attend the bash because she preferred to spend one-on-one time with Leah instead.

It referred to a scene in this week’s episode. Gary was planning Leah’s 12th birthday party and when Leah left her mom Amber off the guest list, he tried to remain neutral.

Gary tried to make Leah see things from another point of view
Although Leah expressed that she didn’t want her mom to be invited, Gary explained that Amber was still “important.”

Not wanting Leah to miss out on a potential relationship with her mom, Gary eventually talked her into inviting Amber to her party.

Amber ruined another opportunity to bond with Leah, though, when she declined the invitation. She claimed that one-on-one time with Leah was the only way to repair their relationship.

“The real show was Amber live last night calling Kristina a wh**e, and Leah is spoiled..She thinks she is a great mom seeing her kids 1 to 2× a week,” one follower wrote.

Amber Portwood seemed unable to handle her split from ex-husband Gary Shirley well. After her daughter confessed to Gary that she does not feel she has a bond with her, the longtime star of “Teen Mom OG” took her frustration to Instagram Live and called his wife Kristina a “homewrecker” and a “w***e”.

The 30-year-old TV personality went live on the social media platform after the airing of the show’s Tuesday, March 30 episode. Making public her issues over Kristina, she ranted, “When you’re a we, you’re a we. When you’re a homewrecker, you’re a homewrecker. When you’re a liar, you’re a liar.”

Amber then accused Gary of cheating on her with Kristina while she was in prison in 2013 for prescription drug possession. “I was told that when I got out of prison, I would have my family, all the while I was being cheated on,” she claimed. Yet, she stressed, “I’m not jealous of Kristina, there is nothing about Kristina that even makes me jealous in any sense. I don’t try to be mean.”

On the topic of Leah, Amber argued that Kristina received love from Leah because she was spoiling the child. “[Leah] respects her because she brings her out to Starbucks, gets her nails done and spends over $1,000 of clothing on her,” she pointed out. “Hell, I’d respect her too. See, I wasn’t raised that way. I was raised to not spoil my child.”

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