Oleksandr Gruzevych

Armed Forces of Ukraine strengthen third ring of Kyiv defense


The Armed Forces of Ukraine are working to strengthen the third, far ring of defense of Kyiv.

According to Censor.NET, this was stated by Deputy Chief of Staff of the Land Forces Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Oleksandr Gruzevych during a briefing at the Media Center of Ukraine.

“Kyiv is the main, strategic task of our enemy. The capital, as planned by the occupiers, did not surrender in three days due to the work of not only the military but also all law enforcement agencies and defence forces.

Currently, almost 70 kilometres have been stopped on the right bank of the enemy, which makes it impossible to conduct fire, except for rocket fire. He was stopped on the left bank.

But the enemy is cynically shooting at our infrastructure. For the enemy, the main routes of attack are blocked. Each city is preparing as a defensive fort. Earlier, two circles of defence were created. In the Brovary and Boryspil directions, the enemy refused to attack. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are working to strengthen the third, far ring of defence, “Gruzevych said.

According to him, there is an air defence system around the capital. Unfortunately, the missiles that shoot down our defenders fall on the city and damage the infrastructure. 

Two difficult directions from which the enemy strikes missiles – from the Black Sea and from Belarus. An effective system has been developed for missiles trying to destroy on approach. Work is underway on a system that will minimize the impact of missiles on civilians, Gruzevic said.

He added that an effective anti-sabotage system has been created in Kyiv. In recent days, more than 100 DRGs have been found and destroyed. During the whole period, more than 35 sabotage and reconnaissance groups were destroyed in the capital. 

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