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Enemy DRG planned to shoot down passenger plane over territory of Russia or Belarus to incriminate Ukraine, – SSU 


The Security Service of Ukraine conducted a multi-stage special operation, during which it neutralized a deeply concealed sabotage and reconnaissance group of the enemy. The agents of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces were preparing a terrorist act, planning to shoot down a passenger plane over the territory of Russia or Belarus.

This reports Censor.NЕТ with reference to SSU рress service.

It is noted that in the attack on the aircraft the occupants intended to incriminate Ukraine and our partners. For provocations the intruders wanted to fire at the civilian aircraft from the portable air defense missile system (MANPADS) “Stinger”.

“In order to steal and smuggle the foreign MANPADs abroad, representatives of special services of the aggressor country gave the corresponding task to their group of agents. The enemy DRG consisted of two people with dual citizenship and an accomplice recruited by them. Their activities were coordinated by Russian citizen Alexander Tyuterev, who is a staff member of the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces and has the call sign “Morpekh,” the report says.

It was established that he had previously participated in the organization of a series of terrorist attacks in Odessa Region, for which he is wanted.

According to his instructions, the enemy agents tried to establish contacts with representatives of the AFU under the guise of patriotic volunteers. In order to form a “trusting” relationship, they gave the Ukrainian military reliable information about the positions and movements of the occupation units of the so-called “Kadyrovs”.

It is also noted that in the future, the Russian agents planned to use their contacts for illegal acquisition of foreign MANPADs and their transfer to the aggressor country.

“During a special operation, SSU officers detained all participants of the occupants’ sabotage and reconnaissance group. Currently, investigative and operational actions to establish all the circumstances of the uncovered crime and to bring its organizers to justice are under way,” the SSU adds.

Simultaneously with the exposure of these criminal plans, the SSU revealed facts certifying a significant level of degradation of the Russian intelligence services.
Among other things, it was established that Marineh lied to his leadership about successes in Ukraine and gave the DRG under his control the task of faking a terrorist attack on the Ukrainian home front. In particular, they prepared staged photo and video footage of an alleged “attack on a checkpoint of Territorial Defence Forces”. 

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