In 2-3 days the Russian army make strong attempt to completely capture Mariupol


He sees the conditional lull that is taking place now, which is accompanied by attacks on civilian objects and civilians, as filling the time until “the new strategy will bear fruit.”

According to him, now Russia is using the respite to replenish logistics arsenals and the Russian army itself:

“It looks like this respite will last for another 2-3 days. It’s cruel to call it a respite, because people are dying at the same time, but from a military point of view it’s just that. I expect that in 2 days there will be a very strong attempt to capture Mariupol completely. According to our data, this is the task that Putin gave to the General Staff, just as it was once the task to take Kyiv. 

Troops from the 41st and, it seems, the 30th Army, the Southern, Eastern and Central Armies, are being recruited to fill the gaps, “he said.

In his opinion, all the equipment that is currently being pulled up to the Ukrainian border will arrive in about 2 days. 

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