Russian military to surrender

Zelensky offers Russian military to surrender, promises to treat them as people – Zelensky


President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, addressing the Russian military, offered them to surrender and promised to treat them “as people.”

As reported by Censor.NET.

“I want to appeal to Russian soldiers. Those who have already entered our land. And who are just about to be sent to fight against us. Russian conscripts! Listen to me especially carefully. Russian officers. You already understood everything. You have nothing in Ukraine take away. You will take your lives. There are a lot of you. But your life will also be taken away. But why are you dying for? And why? I know that you want to survive,” Zelensky said in a video statement on Tuesday night.

“We hear in the intercepts of your conversations what you really think about this war, about this shame and about your state. Your conversations with each other. Your calls home to your relatives. We hear it all. We draw conclusions. We know who you are like that. That is why I offer you a choice. Here, in the name of the Ukrainian people, I give you a chance, a chance to survive. If you surrender to our forces, we will treat you the way people should be treated. treated in your army. And how your army does not treat ours. Take your choice,” the head of state said.

As the president said, Ukrainian servicemen continue to inflict crushing losses on the enemy. 

“Soon, the number of downed Russian helicopters will reach hundreds of units. They have already lost 80 combat aircraft. Hundreds of tanks, thousands of other equipment. Over 19 days, the Russian army lost more killed in Ukraine than in two bloody multi-year wars in Chechnya. For what?” Zelensky said.

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