Ulrike Decoene

Interview -“Our new campaign reinforces our brand strategy through the integration of our purpose”

AXA has launched a new global brand campaign that builds on the Group's brand promise and strengthens its role as a builder of individual and collective trust. Ulrike Decoene, Director of Communications, Brand and Corporate Responsibility of the AXA Group, explains the reasons for this choice and its meaning in a time of crisis.


AXA presented its new strategic plan at the end of last year. How does this campaign tie in with the new strategy?

This campaign is a continuation of our brand strategy. When we unveiled our “Know You Can” tagline a few years ago, we wanted to illustrate our promise to clients: of being a partner who helps them feel more confident in achieving their goals. This promise was already at the heart of our previous strategic plan.

The new campaign we are launching retains the essence of the message, reinforcing it with the Group’s purpose – Act for human progress by protecting what matters – and our new strategy, Driving Progress 2023, with a simple and strong message: AXA gives you the confidence to progress. The more clients feel protected, the more confident they will be to move forward – both as individuals, but also as part of a collective.

How will AXA bring this message to life?

Know You Can is more than just a slogan. We want to integrate it into the Group’s corporate culture so that employees and agents can embody it when interacting with clients and stakeholders. Our aim is to ensure clients understand that we are there to help and support them at every stage of their lives as a partner and not just as a payer of claims.

What does this promise mean in the context of the Covid-19 crisis?

It is even more meaningful. According to the 2020 edition of the AXA Future Risks Report, 75% of respondents believe that people worldwide are more vulnerable today than they were five years ago. Respondents have more doubts about their future in light of the world’s instability, hit by waves of pandemics, a troubling political environment and alarming climate change.

Today more than ever, we need to feel confident. Confidence is a key element that helps us to see beyond the crisis and project ourselves into the future. And thinking about the future means thinking about progress. This brand campaign will help us cultivate this confidence by showcasing our products and services, reinforcing our expertise as an insurer and risk manager, and also by reminding us of the societal commitment that is at the heart of our DNA and our strategy, particularly with regard to climate change. It positions AXA as a trusted partner.

How will this campaign come to life?

Our overall message is shaped through the story of a little girl who literally “gains confidence” at key moments in her life. It was important for us to reach the public by personifying our message and our resolutely optimistic vision in a film focused on human relationships. This is what Frédéric Planchon, the director of the film, enabled us to achieve. The campaign will also feature shorter vignettes that illustrate AXA’s role in our various priority segments. It begins in February in Belgium, Spain and Italy, and will be followed by other European countries, including France, Asia and Latin America.

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