Less Popular Things to Do in NYC


There’s no one out there that doesn’t dream of visiting The Big Apple. We’re constantly reminded of how beautiful it can be as it’s the backdrop to some of the most popular TV shows and Movies. From the hilarity of “Friends” to the dark and gritty setting of superhero flicks like “Daredevil” and “Jessica Jones”, New York gives us the impression that it is truly a state of mind. While you may have a blast visiting many of the classic touristy monuments such as the Statue of Liberty or the Met, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to do some of the more understated things that make NYC what it is.

Visit an Old-School Arcade

While they’re pretty rare these days, arcades host a range of fun machines you may or may not be familiar with. You can find classic video games like Pac-Man, Asteroids, Donkey Kong, and more mechanical games such as pinball and shooting hoops. These staples are the foundation for generations of games after them, so honor their roots and have some fun in the classically 80’s atmosphere most of these places emulate!

If you’re a big fan of these games but can’t seem to find an arcade in your area, you can always go for some creative alternatives. An excellent one playing online casino games. If you visit sites like, you’ll find that these online venues have a lot in common with arcades. They’re packed with arcade-style slot games and other casino classics that you can have fun with. While the sheer number of games these websites host can be intimidating, it’s worth noting that most of them are very beginner-friendly!

Haggle With Vendors in Chinatown

If you love big crowds and a good deal, then Canal Street is the place to be. The constantly busy street is filled with vendors that sell everything from designer shoes to knock-off NYC souvenirs. If you’re ever passing through NYC’s Chinatown, don’t forget to take out some cash and make your way down there. You’ll be pleased to see the insane choices of merchandise, and, of course, you get to haggle with vendors, which is a staple authentic NYC experience.

It’s good to note that Canal Street is quite the hotspot for thieves that target tourists. So, while anyone can get caught up in the lively atmosphere of the classic marketplace, you should always make sure to keep your belongings close and stay safe.

Let Loose at a Speakeasy 

If you’re in the mood to go even further back to the prohibition era, then these are the places to look out for. There are dozens of speakeasies scattered throughout NYC just waiting for you to discover the understated charm they provide. These secret bars are known to serve amazing food and bottomless drinks you can most definitely let loose with. Speakeasies are perfect for a social outing if you’re traveling with a group.

They can also be an excellent date-night idea for couples that want to spend a romantic night out! Speakeasies were practically made for secret rendezvous and stolen kisses. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can incorporate some role-playing into your date and give these picturesque bars a run for their money!

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