Nestlé expands R&D facilities in Singapore, marking 40-year anniversary

Nestlé is upgrading its R&D facilities in Singapore marking the center's 40-year anniversary.


The R&D center in Singapore has been playing a key role in developing innovative products and technologies for South East Asia and beyond for both Nestlé’s retail and out-of-home business. Based on in-house expertise, Nestlé scientists ensure that products are tailored to local consumer preferences, taste and nutritional requirements.

The R&D center sits in the heart of a vibrant innovation ecosystem, enabling strong collaborations with innovation partners, research institutions, and start-ups across the region.

Commenting on the R&D Center in Singapore, Chris Johnson, Chief Executive Officer for Zone Asia, Oceania and Sub-Saharan Africa for Nestlé says, “All food is local. If you want to be successful in our business, you need a good understanding of the flavors people love, the dishes they want to serve to their families, the food trends they want to try. That’s why it’s so important to have a research and development team in Singapore, here in the heart of South East Asia, a center of excellence driving innovation and product development in Asia, for Asia.”

To further strengthen the center’s innovation capabilities, Nestlé upgraded the R&D facilities to feature state-of-the-art labs, experimental kitchens, consumer testing, sensory evaluations rooms, open working spaces, as well as Nestlé’s fundamental research hub. This will enable faster translation of breakthrough science into nutritious, great-tasting products for people, across all life stages.

The upgraded facilities also include a new regional R&D Accelerator, part of Nestlé’s global R&D Accelerator network. It provides a world-class platform for start-ups, students, and Nestlé employees in the region to develop and test novel concepts in under six months. They will have access to Nestlé’s R&D expertise, co-working spaces, and small to medium-scale production equipment to facilitate the rapid upscaling of products for a test launch in real market conditions.

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Thomas Hauser, Head of Global Product and Technology Development for Nestlé says, “Our R&D center in Singapore has a long history of developing innovative products for South East Asia that are inspired by the cultural diversity and different local cuisines. Upgrading the center with state-of-the-art facilities including the new R&D Accelerator is proof of our long-term commitment to the region. We will also be able to respond to food and beverage trends and challenges more quickly and efficiently.”

Over the years, the R&D center has contributed significantly to the innovation of many products across brands such as coffee mixes, powdered beverages such as Milo, culinary products, plant-based foods & beverages and ice-cream.

For example, using its expertise in coffee creamers innovation, local experts developed a range of great-tasting, creamy Nescafé Gold non-dairy lattes in only eight months, which are now available in over 20 countries. This expertise was also leveraged for the launch of Starbucks plant-based Silky Soy Latte and Toasted Oat Lattes.

R&D Singapore experts also support the development of plant-based meal solutions for both retail and out-of-home for the Harvest Gourmet brand. They ensure that products are adapted for Asian consumers, using local cuisine applications such as dumplings, stir fry, braising, katsudon, and more.

The R&D center in Singapore is part of Nestlé’s global R&D organization which consists of 23 locations around the world. By strengthening the center’s capabilities, it can better accelerate the innovation of science-based products across life stages, in a way that’s good for you and the planet.

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