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Organika Vodka Toasts Wildlife Preservation with Web3 Technology


It’s one thing to enjoy premium vodka, but could you do more to show your commitment to sustainability than mix a decent Sea Breeze or Vodka Sunrise? Good, because now you can join Organika in supporting wildlife conservation by viewing their NFT collection benefiting the World Wildlife Fund.

Now distributed in 19 countries, Organika Vodka is an authentic Polish vodka featuring three award-winning quality spirits distilled from 100% organic wheat grain. Organika’s signature product presents larch herb extract with natural antioxidants, Organika Life hints of the stimulating sagan-daila, and Organika Truffle’s imparts French white truffle essence. These natural ingredients and rigorous production standards have been awarded gold and double gold honors from SIP Awards, San Francisco World Spirits and Blue Lifestyle.

Organika’s collection of NFTs was inaugurated by gifted artist Ashley Cesario with a live painting of the physical masterwork at a recent event. The artwork centers a stylized Amur Tiger portrait in a symmetrical field of pink flamingos and verdant foliage. Organika customers and partners as well as NFT collectors are invited to view the one-of-a-kind digitized reproduction on the Vault721 auction launchpad. The virtual NFT will be awarded to the highest bidder, who will be gifted with distinctive tangibles, including the first 100% recyclable case of Organika Life in the first new carton bottles and a limited edition Magnum engraved with the Amur Tiger NFT. The new owner will also acquire the tangible masterwork to complement the NFT reproduction. With their consent, the physical artwork will travel to New York and LA galleries and return to Miami’s Art Basel for public viewing.

Signifying Organika’s embrace of corporate responsibility and dedication to conservation, 50% of the auction proceeds will go to its official partner, the WWF. The brand chose to promote the NFT collection and other Web3 projects as instruments for protecting rare endangered species because Organika follows a roadmap supporting sustainable practices. From the very beginning of its corporate life, the brand recognized that luxury brands must accept social responsibility and adopted the mission to promote wildlife conservation, contributing over 1% of annual proceeds to this cause.

 “Major brands are stepping into the Web3 community thinking that the biggest splash will garner the most attention,” Mike Seidov, U.S. Managing Partner of Organika points out. He explains their NFT project is not motivated by showy promotional impact but based on meaningful corporate values. “We’ve analyzed and explored the space to determine that the release of our NFT should be more thoughtful, accompanied by actual tangibles and motivated by purpose.”

Consequently, the NFT project reflects Organika’s dedication to both emerging technology and ecological sustainability. As Seidov elaborates, “It is important for us to support modern technologies and direct them to nature conservation, so this event draws the attention of people interested in NFTs to the rare and endangered species of animals protected by WWF. We invite our consumers, partners and NFT collectors to join us on this journey as we conscientiously submerge our brand into new technology staying rooted in what we believe in most, truly authentic in real life connections.”

Organika takes other steps fulfilling their pledge to support sustainability. They created a 100% recyclable carton bottle to reduce their carbon footprint by 65%, which was recently released in the US. Organika also participated in a charity expedition to the Snow Leopard habitat commemorating last year as the “Year of the Tiger.” In addition, the company produced a 2022 collectable calendar featuring the Amur Tiger and other endangered species, with a large part of the proceeds designated for charities.

Many corporations espouse social responsibility, but few can match Organika’s engagement in concrete action. This company upholds the principles of conservation while continuing to foster a thoughtful approach to luxury and exclusivity. Organika not only creates a premium vodka, it holds an exceptional world view.

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