Ringing The Bell For The Open Web: Taboola is Trading as TBLA on Nasdaq

The last six months have been quite a wild ride, with so many new things for us Taboolars.


We announced going public via SPAC, and we met so many new investors and partners — it was a new experience for us, and we enjoyed it. We shared our Q1 results where we beat projections, and I even wrote my first quarterly letter to shareholders, new and old.

We often speak a lot about passion and empathy as something we appreciate greatly, and we look for both traits in anyone we work with, internally and externally. We have so much passion for our industry, for powering recommendations for the open web, and for transforming the future into a personalized one — where people get to discover things they may like and never knew existed across all digital touchpoints.

We would never have made it here without the tens of thousands of advertisers and publishers who’ve trusted us over the years. I’m humbled by the chance to continue working with those friends and partners for many years to come.

Most importantly, I’m proud of the thousands of Taboola team members, past and present that have made this possible. Thank you everyone for being a part of our mission. There is so much ahead of us.

At the same time, I’d like to welcome those who have recently joined our journey, including investors and advertising and publishing industry veterans Deirdre Bigley and Lynda Clarizio who joined our Board of Directors this past April. Last but not least, we want to welcome our new partner, Gilad Shany, CEO of ION, as a member of our Board as well.

Recommending Anything, Anywhere: An Estimated $60B+ Market

Online advertising on the open web is a large, highly fragmented market valued at over $60B in spend per year. As of now, many of these ads have been banner ads, developed 27 years ago, but with WeChat, Facebook, and TikTok — people, as well as advertisers, have transitioned into in-feed, personalized, and contextually relevant formats.

That’s where we fit — surfacing natively rendered recommendations anywhere people engage, including publishers sites, device manufacturers, and over time connected TVs, e-commerce websites, and cars, and recommend anything – video, games, products and more.

Taboola should be everywhere, recommending anything.

I’m so proud to be an open web company that focuses on our partners’ goals and future, and nothing more, with no identity crises. Simple — we grow only if our partners grow. Forever.

Dreams can come true. Our journey is just beginning….and now, back to work :-)!

— Adam

Founder and CEO, Taboola (Nasdaq: TBLA)

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