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Shaping New Values Through New Technologies

Blockchain has already revolutionized the financial industry by putting into practice the idea of decentraled money.


But this technology is not limited only by that. Products based on blockchains can literally change the everyday life of people through decentralization, transparency of any operations, high speed of data exchange and the ability to implement an entire ecosystem on a single platform. And we believe that the world will see these changes in the near future.

Competitive blockchain-based solutions in areas such as logistics, copyright protection, property registries, gambling, and even elections are already available. Modern platforms have solved the problems Bitcoin-pioneer once faced with (high energy consumption, the need for powerful machines, the need for special knowledge, scaling, etc.). And now the imperfection of the legal framework in some countries and mistrust (due to misunderstanding) remain the only real obstacles to the widespread implementation of the blockchain. But all these are subjective factors and their elimination is only a matter of time.

In addition to solving specific problems of the real economy, blockchain also can perform a social function – form a community of crypto enthusiasts. And for this, it should be something bigger than another cryptocurrency, a whole ecosystem with solutions for a wide variety of areas. And such ecosystems already exist in the market. Let’s take a look, for example, at the QChain project.

What is QChain?

QChain is a blockchain-powered productive platform, where millions of blockchain enthusiasts from all across the world are joining forces and working together to create the most powerful decentralized ecosystem. QChain itself acts as a next-gen blockchain network, where users can conduct transactions with the lowest fees in the industry, according to the project’s website.

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QChain offers a vast and rich product line that empowers the users, gives them control over their assets, lets them use the money to earn money, and more. Some examples include its native cryptocurrency, the QToken (QDT), which is an ultra-profitable token that can be used for staking on the QStaking product — another part of the platform that allows you to earn money simply by locking your coins away.

There is also QSwap, the project’s own exchange, and the QToken NFT, which allows users to buy, sell, or store tokenized collectibles and digital treasures. Even these are only some of the products that the platform has already developed, while the others include QStorage, XGame Chain, QDEX, QTI (a digital asset index, tracking several tokens’ performances), and more.

This is still only one example of how blockchain can create and empower a strong, successful group of random people, and forge them into an unbreakable community. Another example is MagicLotto.

What is MagicLotto?

Like QChain, MagicLotto is a blockchain-based project, and the world’s first online lottery system developed on the latest generation of this tech. It offers a system of unlimited scaling for everyone who enjoys the well-known game of luck, doing it all in a transparent, 100% decentralized way.

The project may look like many other existing platforms at first glance, but a deeper look quickly reveals that it is nothing like them. It aims to solve the problems of transparency and fair play, which still remains a major issue on other similar platforms. Due to the lack of transparency on such platforms, users can never assess their chance of winning, or be sure that the game is not rigged. 

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MagicLotto allows users to track all transactions, draws, and winnings, thus making sure that users truly get the fair system that they were promised. In Lotto 6/49, for example, users can calculate their own chances of winning. For example, the chance of winning by having two numbers match is 1:8, as there are 1,240,029 possible winning combinations. But, winnings also bring lower rewards.

The chance of having more numbers match is, of course, lower, as the number of possible combinations drops, as it means that the chance of winning also drops. But, the more numbers match, the greater the reward, and this prospect alone is enough to attract interest from those who enjoy testing their luck.

MagicLotto also allows users to increase their chance of winning by inviting their friends, as users receive bonuses from purchases and winnings of invited users, as well. All the way up to the 3rd level. 

Finally, MagicLotto offers a number of advantages, including anonymity, the ability to buy tickets in cryptocurrency — by using QChain’s QDT token, in fact — as well as automatic accrual of winnings. Then, users are granted the ability to make instant withdrawals, with no hidden fees, and even the chance to create their own network of players they have onboarded, and receive rewards for all of their purchases and winnings.

A decentralized economy that competes on equal terms with the centrally-controlled solutions is no longer a dream of some crypto enthusiast, but a quite tangible prospect for the coming years. Multi-functional platforms like Qchain are bringing this time closer, and we as consumers, will only benefit from new opportunities and offers.

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