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Things Halo Infinite Doesn’t Tell You


Halo Infinite’s campaign is the most open-world experience in the Halo franchise, and these sandboxes hold many secrets. Some mechanics and features aren’t quite explained (even in the great loading screen tips) so take these bits of advice and explanations with you as you venture into Zeta Halo.

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As of Halo Infinite’s launch, there’s no way to replay Halo Infinite’s missions. It is an addition developer 343 Industries has planned for later, but that means for now if you miss a collectible in a mission, the only way to get it is by starting a New Game. You have four save files, though, so starting a new game won’t reset your oldest file’s progress. You can choose to load a specific save in the campaign menu.

If you need a little help finding the collectibles, be sure to check out our Halo Infinite campaign walkthrough to see exactly when you can pick up a collectible. We also have all audio log locations and skulls too should you need additional help.

…And There’s Sort Of a Point of No Return

This isn’t clear when you start this part of Halo Infinite. The spoiler information for this is hidden below. We’ll keep the information vague even in the spoiler box.

You Can Call Marines (Sort Of)

While you can’t summon Marines directly to you, you can call them discreetly when they’re nearby. If you’re on foot and spot a Marine you want to join you, simply hit the ping button near them. This will grab their attention and the circle above them should pulse. If they aren’t walking with you, just walk close to them and that usually does the trick.

Need a gunner or simply want to load up Marines in a Razorback for a mission? Honk the horn! They’ll start climbing in if you’re near. Honking at them won’t force them to move out of your way if they’re standing in front of your vehicle, though. If your vehicle doesn’t have a horn, you can ping instead and they should respond. If they’re not, get out of the vehicle, ping them, then hop back in. Marines will usually give some sort of audio cue when they’ve joined you.


Marines Disappear

If you get too far from the Marines, they’ll eventually disappear. They will do their best to keep up with you, though. If you want a few companions to accompany you in the open world, you can just go back to a FOB or area where you know Marines spawn and call them over to you.

Marines Hate Caves and Tunnels

We’re not sure what’s so jarring about caves for these Marines, but Marines won’t enter certain caves and other structures. They’ll enter most Banished building with you, but if you venture into a tunnel they don’t want to follow, they’ll call out that they’re standing by or waiting for you by the entrance of the area you’re entering. These Marines won’t despawn and will wait for you to return (so long as you don’t completely leave the area).

You Can Change the Difficulty Level

If you want to change the difficult level of your playthrough, all you need to do is quit your current session (this might disrupt your spot a bit) then instead of hitting “Continue,” select “Load Game” in the Campaign menu.

Halo Infinite - changedifficulty 2021-12-05 22-28-39.png

Select your save file, then select “Difficulty.” You can then change to a different Difficulty. You can also turn on Skulls for your current playthrough in this menu.

You can check which difficult you’re playing by pressing the pause menu while you’re in the game.

Automatic Weapons Have Accuracy Tells

Certain weapons and vehicle weapons, like the Wasp’s machine gun, have a larger bullet spread based on how long you hold down to shoot. You can see the spread increase by the size of the reticle. Try pulsing your shots rather than continuously shooting for more accuracy.

Things Change at Night

Night lasts on Zeta Halo for about 15 – 16 minutes. Some enemies, like Grunts, sleep at night. You can also see lighted objects (like audio logs and armor lockers) better at night. Time will pass as you have the Tac Map/Menu up too. It will stop if you actually hit the actual pause menu, though.

Haloinfinite sleepingGrunts.png

There Are Many Fast Travel Points

Halo Infinite’s Fast Travel system is great. You can fast travel while in combat (or at least while Banished are shooting at you) so long as you can safely open your TacMap and select a fast travel point. You can fast travel to reclaimed FOBs, certain side mission sites, and certain main mission sites.

Fast Traveling to a FOB is the safest bet, though. It’s also a great spot to resupply. You can check to see if Fast Travel is available simply by opening the TacMap and looking at the bottom right where it will either say “Fast Travel Online” or “Fast Travel Offline.”

Certain Collectibles Are Tracked Across Saves

Audio Logs and Skulls collected are tracked across multiple saves on one profile. If you, on the same profile, start a new game, you will not be able to pick up an Audio Log or Skull you’ve already collected. You can listen to them in the Database menu, though. You can also see which of the collectibles you’re still missing.

Forerunner Archives, Mjolnir Armor Lockers, and Spartan Cores are reset between saves.

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