Getting Back On Track After Pandemic Induced Unemployment

Since the dawn of the Covid-19 pandemic, unemployment levels have been at a record high.


Figuring out how you can get back on track after falling victim to pandemic induced unemployment can seem impossible, but luckily there are several productive options that you may benefit from exploring, and it needn’t be as difficult as you might think to get started today.

Pursue Self Employment

Making the decision to pursue self employment can give you a considerable amount more control over both the work you do and the money that you earn, and you have the opportunity to adapt your ‘business’ or services to suit the current global situation. There are several self employment ideas that you can make the most of, from specialist subjects to those that don’t require any advanced skills or qualifications. If you want to make money fast, exploring the role of delivery driver might just be the ideal option. All you need is a car, truck or van to get started, and you can sign up to a delivery platform that hosts a wide range of truck loads for you to choose between. If working from home better suits your style, why not utilise the web to make a little cash? You can build your own blog and accept sponsored content, become an online tutor and share any valuable skills with those who wish to learn, and so much more. 

Explore Covid-Secure Employment

There are many roles that are popping up each and every day that have been adapted to maintain safety and security in the pandemic, meaning you can still go to work even if your local area goes into lockdown. Of course there will likely be a large number of people applying for such jobs, but being on the ball and taking the time to branch out and investigate several areas and industries can be of real benefit. It’s clear that the pandemis isn’t going to last forever, so the job that you choose may only be short term – this thought will make it easier to accept different roles, as you may have to reduce your wage or responsibility level in order to seek out a contract which is tough to bear. Grocery stores, health centres and warehouses have been some of the most essential workplaces throughout the pandemic, so you may wish to send your resume off to a few locations mentioned to get your foot in the door. 

There isn’t one person or business that hasn’t been affected by the side effects of the pandemic, but you needn’t allow Covid-19 to impact upon your finances for much longer. Choosing to pursue self employment can give you far greater control over your money, whilst exploring covid-secure jobs will keep you working no matter what happens. 

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